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7 Characters That Can't Resist Cats

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Dogs may be man's best friend, but it's cats that rule the internet. Scientists have gone so far as trying to classifying the key qualities that make up "cat people" and "dog people." Male cat owners are perceived as "nicer" than those who don't own a cat, but also lean more "neurotic." Regardless of why people love their cats, these anime characters show that the fuzzy, purring pets manage to wiggle their way to even the coldest of hearts.

7. Junpei Kōsaka (Nyan Koi!) Junpei doesn't actually like cats, but his love interest Kaede (and most of his family) adores them, which is complicated by his feline allergy. However, fate would have it that Junpei is going to need to get along with the furry critters. He accidentally destroys a statue of the local cat deity and it threatens to bring its wrath upon him (by transforming him into a cat) if he doesn't grant 100 favors to the notoriously fickle animals. To help him, the Cat God grants Junpei the ability to speak to cats and soon finds himself entrenched in kitties.

6. Yachiyo Inugami (Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san) Inugami and Nekoyama are trying to dispel the myth that cats and dogs are natural enemies. Inugami (the "dog") loves cats and her eyes are set on one in particular, Nekoyama. She's more outgoing and playful compared to the more reserved Nekoyama, who embodies the tsundere attitude any cat owner would be familiar with and love anyway.

5. Millianna (Fairy Tail) Millianna admires cats so much, she's styled much of herself to resemble one. She'll meow to imitate one and becomes very agitated if she thinks someone is mistreating her favorite animal. During the Grand Magic Games arc she reveals one of her special attacks called "Kitten Blast" — a binding spell that unfortunately features zero kittens. Understandably, Millianna enjoys playing with Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily whenever she feels down.

4. Zazie Winters (Tegami Bachi) Zazie is a loner by nature and always thought of himself as a stray cat. Despite his rough personality, Zazie continues to find a kindred spirit in stray cats. He adopts and nurtures quite a few in his home and is fiercely protective of them. His largest cat is his personal bodyguard Wasiolka, a giant blue, panther-like creature that assists him in his message delivering.

3. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) Ciel's demonically-contracted butler is by all appearances the perfect servant. He can perform any task faithfully without complaint and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when the situation calls for it. Sebastian does have one weak spot and he's gone to serious lengths to hide it from his master. Sebastian loves cats. He isn't hiding just one either, he has too much love to share for just one cat. Sebastian has 13 cats tucked away in his closet and visits them when he feels irritated.

2. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) Al got dealt a pretty crappy hand. After a failed transmutation, his physical body is destroyed and his soul now possesses a suit of armor. Perhaps for comfort and to ease his emptiness, Al regularly adopts stray cats. His brother Edward is less than pleased with this habit, so Al in turn hides the kittens inside his armor from his brother's disapproving eyes. It never lasts for long, and Al gets pretty emotional whenever Ed reminds him that they can't care for a cat.

1. Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh) Sakaki loves cute things in general but often feels she can't express this because it doesn't suit her cool girl demeanor. Cats also seem to think there's something amiss about Sakaki, and seem to have zero interest in letting her pet them. Try as she must, one particular cat referred to as "Kamineko," enjoys nothing more than toying with Sakaki's affections only to bite or scratch her when she least expects it. When the girls go on a class trip to Okinawa, Sakaki finally meets her kitty soulmate in an indigenous Iriomote cat. The wild leopard-like feline also boosts Sakaki's reputation with the neighborhood cats and she's no longer harassed.

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The old poll: Last week we asked which Black Butler character is your favorite? The results were:

  1. Sebastian Michaelis 28.9%
  2. Grell 10.1%
  3. Ciel Phantomhive 9.3%
  4. Undertaker 8.5%
  5. Elizabeth 5.0%
  6. Snake 4.6%
  7. Any cat that attracts Sebastian's attention 4.6%
  8. Finnian 3.0%
  9. Mey-Rin 2.1%
  10. Alois Trancy 1.8%
  11. Joker 1.6%
  12. Lau 1.4%
  13. Madam Red 1.4%
  14. William T. Spears 1.3%
  15. Doll 1.1%
  16. Mr. Tanaka 1.0%
  17. Agni 1.0%

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