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Anime Spotlight - K RETURN OF KINGS

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins October 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Shingo Suzuki


Bonds come around


A modern Japan where a history differing from reality exists. There, seven "Kings" with massive supernatural powers resided. They have formed clans together with their clansmen, who have received a part of the kings' powers. Order crystallizes in blue, crimson fire storms on, stasis gleams a silvery white, and revolution branches out in green. Each "King" holding an element now--

Reisi Munakata, the "Blue King" that leads the Blue Clan known as "SCEPTER 4", was holding many heavy responsibilities. The Mihashira Tower that was under the jurisdiction of the "Golden King" Daikaku Kokujoji, and the Dresden Slate which was the mysterious holy relic that created "Kings" were now both under Reisi Munakata's control. Furthered by the burden of being a slayer of a King as a result of killing the previous "Red King" Mikoto Suoh.

Meanwhile, Anna Kushina, one of the clansman of the Red Clan "HOMRA", had awakened as the new "Red King" as a result of the assault on Mihashira Tower by the Green Clan "jungle", and had started to form strong ties once again with the members of HOMRA. Furthermore, Neko and Kuroh Yatogami, clansman of the Silver, believed in the survival of the "Silver King" Yashiro Isana and had continued to look for his whereabouts. However, they were not the only ones seeking the "Silver King". Nagare Hisui, the "Green King" was also-- With the increased activity of "jungle" as a catalyst, the destinies of the "Kings" intertwine once again.

The K series featured the first television season "K" which was aired in October 2012, and the nationwide theatrical release "K MISSING KINGS" in July 2014. With its own worldview, a detailed and elegant visuals, refined action sequences, characters so full of individuality interacting with each other, and a carefully thought out but daring story were part of all sorts of elements that combined together in this work to enchant many fans. And now, starting in October 2015, "K RETURN OF KINGS" will air as television season 2 and depict what happens after the theatrical release.

Reisi Munakata, the "Blue King" who now had more heavy responsibilities on top of the burden of being Kingslayer. Anna Kushina, who guides "HOMRA" as the new "Red King". Nagare Hisui, who did not show up in the theatrical release. And Yashiro Isana, the "Silver King" who is still missing at large. Each person's thoughts and destinies intertwine, and the story of "Kings" show further development.

Continuing from the first season and the theatrical release, the original story and screenplay are written by "GoRA", a team of seven novelists (Tatsuki Miyazawa, Kohei Azano, Suzu Suzuki, Rei Rairaku, Hideyuki Furuhashi, Yashichiro Takahashi, Yukako Kabei). Each personality collides to build up the screenplay, and once again it is enchanting in this title. The skilled studio "GoHands" will be in charge of the animation production, continuing their work from the first season and the theatrical release. Shingo Suzuki will continue his role as director and character designer, and Makoto Furuta will continue as chief animation director. The strong yet beautiful visuals seen in the theatrical release have been carried onto this work. The staff, who have shown an amazing compatibility with one another, increase their quality one notch further to create this current title.

The world of "K" spreads and deepens further, and not only in the world of anime. Comic versions are serialized in Kodansha's "ARIA" and "Hatsu Kiss", and Square Enix's "G Fantasy". A novel version is available through the Kodansha BOX label. "K RETURN OF KINGS" is surely to be a title that continues to create new charisma.


Yashiro Isana
VA:Daisuke Namikawa
Age: 18
Height: 169cm
Birthday: June 1
Blood type: B

Nicknamed "Shiro(white)". He was amiable and somewhat of a joker who attended Ashinaka High School Island, but that was an imaginary setting created by Neko's powers. During the "School Island Incident", he regained his true memories and awoke as the "Silver King". Suoh killed him with "Colorless King" trapped within his body, but due to the "unchanging" element of the "Silver King", he is revived. He currently is in hiding and his whereabouts are unknown.

Kuroh Yatogami
VA:Daisuke Ono
Age: 19
Height: 178cm
Birthday: January 5
Blood type: A

Nicknamed "Kuro(black)". His dear blade is named "Kotowari (reason)". Personality is very serious, and excels at swordsmanship, martial arts, and all household chores. He served the previous "Colorless King" Ichigen Miwa, but meets Shiro when he was searching for the evil "King", and during the "School Island Incident" he becomes Shiro's clansman. After the incident, he believed that the missing Shiro was still alive, and along with fellow clansman Neko, he is in search of clues for Shiro's whereabouts.

VA:Mikako Komatsu
Age: 16
Height: 155cm
Birthday: February 22
Blood type: B

One of those called Strain, who have special powers. Possesses a highly strong power which affects the senses and perception of the people around her, and controls them at her will. Her powers can even rewrite memories to her will. In love with Shiro, and hates wearing clothes. Becomes one of Shiro's clansmen during the "School Island Incident'. After the incident, she is in search of the missing Shiro.

Anna Kushina
VA:Yui Horie
Age: 12
Height: 140cm
Birthday: December 8
Blood type: O

A girl with sympathetic powers that used to be Suoh's clansman. During the Mihashira Tower incident, she awoke as the new Third King, "Red King". With memories of the late Suoh and Totsuka in her heart, she decided to stand as the "King" of "HOMRA" where her valuable comrades are.

Reisi Munakata
VA:Tomokazu Sugita
Age: 25
Height: 185cm
Birthday: October 1
Blood type: AB (RH-)

The fourth king, "Blue King". Leader of "SCEPTER 4". Noted for intelligent looks and speech pattern. Difficult to read what is on his agenda. A fearless individual that brings in an open-air tea set to strategy meetings. Neko calls him Boss with the Glasses. During the "School Island Incident", he fought a fierce battle with "Red King" Mikoto Suoh, and murdered him in the end.

Nagare Hisui
VA:Kazuyuki Okitsu
Age: 25
Height: 175cm
Birthday: November 11
Blood type: A

The fifth king, "Green King". A mysterious figure who does not show himself even to clansman, so only his executive clansmen have seen him. Has an immense number of lower-echelon clansmen that he gave powers out via the internet. Can relay messages from far away using the bodies of his parrot clansmen Kotosaka. He focuses his attention to Adolf K Weismann, a.k.a. Shiro, and is searching for his whereabouts.

Izumo Kusanagi
VA:Takahiro Sakurai
Birthday:April 10
Blood type: O

The master of Bar HOMRA, the headquarters for "HOMRA", and the number 2 man for the clan "HOMRA". He is actually the one that commands the forces of "HOMRA". His relation to Seri Awashima of "SCEPTER 4" is that of barkeep and client, and he calls her "the Heartless Woman". He had a long relationship with Suoh and Totsuka.

Misaki Yata
VA:Jun Fukuyama
Birthday:July 20
Blood type: B

"HOMRA"'s raid captain who rides a skateboard. His nickname is "Yatagarasu". Very straightforward, but has stronger feelings for comrades than anyone else. Also has a cute side that he is weak against women. Hates being called by his first name. Has never received any combat training, and fights only with his intuitive fighting sense.

Rikio Kamamoto
VA:Yuichi Nakamura
Birthday:May 18
Blood type: A

A member of "HOMRA" that always acts together with Yata. Large-framed and has a thick layer of fat, but also has a thick sense of obligation. His body is apparently one that loses weight in summer and gains weight in winter.

Seri Awashima
VA:Miyuki Sawashiro
Birthday:September 1
Blood type: A

Second in command of "SCEPTER 4". Coldly carries through her missions as Munakata's right-hand woman. Does not choose the means to fulfill her objective. Heads to Bar HOMRA in her spare time, and personally knows Kusanagi. She seems like the perfect superhuman, but actually has a huge sweet tooth. Her sense of taste is slightly off from the normal person, as she puts red bean paste on top of a martini.

Saruhiko Fushimi
VA:Mamoru Miyano
Height: 178cm
Birthday:November 7
Blood type: AB

AB Third in command of "SCEPTER 4". Has a very listless, unmotivated attitude, but is incredibly competent. Used to be a member of "HOMRA" and was close friend with Yata from middle school, but have since gone separate ways. Uses a very smart style of swordsmanship along with dirty tactics such as ambushes using thrown knives. Neko calls him "Jerk with the Yucky Glasses".

Yukari Mishakuji
VA:Masakazu Morita
Birthday:August 25
Blood type:AB

Executive clansman for the green clan "jungle". Used to be an apprentice to the Seventh King, "Colorless King" Ichigen Miwa, and Kuro's senior disciple. Fights using his favorite blade "Ayamachi (mistake)". His swordsmanship skill is so high that none other than "Kings" can match him. Dearly loves all beautiful things.

Douhan Hirasaka
VA:Kaori Nazuka
Birthday:October 29
Blood type:A

A mid-level clansman for the green clan "jungle". Dresses up as a ninja, and is superior at spying activities. Thinks of Hisui more as a client than her "King", but has enough professionalism to finish every job she has been assigned. She was apprehended by Fushimi during the Mihashira Tower incident.

VA:Hiro Shimono

A parrot that is a green clansman. Has human-level intelligence and a bit of superhuman powers, and can attack using electricity. Serves as mediator for Hisui.

Mikoto Suoh
VA:Kenjiro Tsuda
Age: 24 (at time of death)
Height: 185cm
Birthday: August 13
Blood type: B

The previous third king "Red King". During the "School Island Incident", he avenged for Tatara Totsuka's death by killing the Colorless King, but dies by Munakata's hands right before the Sword of Damocles falls. Showed an immense amount of charisma as the king of "HOMRA", and was someone that was feared by those around him.

Tatara Totsuka
VA:Yuki Kaji
Age: 22 (at time of death)
Height: 172cm
Birthday: February 14
Blood type: AB

One of the initial members of "HOMRA" along with Suoh and Kusanagi. Someone that can become friends with virtually everyone, he was the mood-maker for "HOMRA". With a soft way of speaking, he rolls others into his conversational pace, and was naturally able to deflate a worked-up Suoh who harbored destructive tendencies. Murdered by "Colorless King" who assumed a guise of Shiro.

Daikaku Kokujoji
VA:Shozo Iizuka
Age:96 (at time of death)
Birthday: September 30
Blood type: A

The second king, "Golden King". The strongest king on land that ruled over Japan with overwhelming strength. One could assume that Mihashira Tower was a symbol of his immense power

Kukuri Yukizome
VA:Satomi Sato
Birthday:Birthday: August 30
Blood type: O

Shiro's classmate and member of the student council. A bright, helpful young girl. During the "School Islandl Incident", her body was possessed by the "Colorless King". Her memories concerning Shiro were all created by Neko's ability to control perception, so she no longer remembers who Shiro is.


Yashiro Isana
Daisuke Namikawa
Kuroh Yatogami
Daisuke Ono
Mikako Komatsu
Anna Kushina
Yui Horie
Reisi Munakata
Tomokazu Sugita
Nagare Hisui
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Izumo Kusanagi
Takahiro Sakurai
Misaki Yata
Jun Fukuyama
Rikio Kamamoto
Yūichi Nakamura
Seri Awashima
Miyuki Sawashiro
Saruhiko Fushimi
Mamoru Miyano
Yukari Misyakuji
Masakazu Morita
Douhan Hirasaka
Kaori Nazuka
Hiro Shimono
Mikoto Suoh
Kenjiro Tsuda
Tatara Totsuka
Yuki Kaji
Daikaku Kokujoji
Shozo Iizuka
Kukuri Yukizome
Satomi Sato


Original Work
GoRA X GoHands
Director/Character Design
Shingo Suzuki
Series Composition
Series Director
Hiromitsu Kanazawa
Chief Animation Director
Makoto Furuta
Prop Designer
Takahiro Kishida
Mecha Designer
Hiroshi Okubo
Main Animators
Takayuki Uchida
Naoki Okada
Hiroshi Okubo
Art Director
Ken Naito
Color Design
Tomoko Saito
CG Director
Takanori Kikuchi
Director of Photographyr
Yuichiro Tozawa
Ayako Tan
Sound Director
Chikako Yokota
Sound Production
Mikio Endo
Music Production
Starchild Record
Animation Production

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