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Anime Spotlight - The Testament of Sister New Devil (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins January 7 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Hisashi Saito
(Bamboo Blade, Haganai )
Screenplay: Takawo Yoshioka
(Your Lie in April, WeiB Survive)
Character Design: Yoshihiro Watanabe
(Heaven's Lost Property, Soul Link)


I want to protect my little sister (family).

Make them obedient to become stronger! An ecstasy battle action that goes beyond the critical point! Based on a light novel written by Tetsuto Uesu and illustrated by Nekosuke Okuma (Nitroplus), the series started publication in 2012 under the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label and has released 6 volumes to date. As the “ultimate desire-action that surpasses the limits of the light novel” filled with stylish and classic action, extremist ecstasy portrayals within the series became the talk of the town, and the novel has been comicalized in magazines “Monthly Shōnen Ace (art by Kashiwa Miyako, published by KADOKAWA's Kadokawa Shoten) and “Young Animal Arashi” (art by Fumihiro Kiso, published by Hakusensha). Currently, the total circulation of novels and comics put together is over 800,000. The trending power sees no end, and surpassing the realm of light novels and comics, it will finally turn into a TV anime series come January 2015!


“Hey – you said you wanted a little sister, right?” Basara Tojo panicked to the sudden query from his father. However, his unparalleled father declares getting remarried, and after bringing over two beautiful girls that were to be his stepsisters, he was gone in the wink of an eye to go work overseas. However, the true identities of the two girls Mio and Maria were the daughter and succubus for the previous devil lord!? Basara narrowly escapes from being forced to a contract as servant, but mistakenly creates a contract in reverse – where Basara becomes the master. On top of it, one sexual situation after another befalls Basara thanks to the contract. Meanwhile, Mio is in danger as other devils and the hero clan are after her life–!? An ecstasy battle action of the most powerful contract servant!


Basara Tojo
VA:Yūichi Nakamura

A male student that lives with his father. Panicking due to the sudden arrival of two younger stepsisters. His true identity is a previous member of the hero clan, and swears to use his own powers to protect the girls.

“An older brother is one that protects his little sisters, even if he puts the world against him!”

Mio Naruse
VA:Ayaka Asai

A stubborn, large-chested beautiful girl who became Basara's younger stepsister. Actually the daughter of the previous demon lord, and has inherited his powers.

“Please, just stay put like this. If you move, I'll kill you a hundred times over.”

Maria Naruse
VA:Kaori Fukuhara

Basara's younger stepsister. Her true form is a succubus, and contrary to her young Lolita appearance, often sets up sexual situations for Basara and Mio.

“Is there any other way to use a younger stepsister than to train them to your liking?” .

Yūki Nonaka
VA:Bridcutt Sarah Emi

Childhood friend of Basara. Had an emotional reunion with Basara when he transferred into her school, but–.

“I thought you were mad, Basara. Because I glomped you, but you didn't look so happy.”

Jin Tojo
VA:Keiji Fujiwara

Basara's father and a masterful photographer that travels all over the world. However, his true identity is…?

“Little sisters are great. They're cute, they're kind, they're soft. And they wake you up in the morning, too.”

Chisato Hasegawa
VA:Yuu Asakawa

The all-too-beautiful school nurse of Hijirigasaka Academy, the school where Basara and the others attend.

“The problem is not the numbers… it is the quality of your cohorts.”


Basara Tojo
Yūichi Nakamura
Mio Naruse
Ayaka Asai
Yūki Nonaka
Bridcutt Sarah Emi
Maria Naruse
Kaori Fukuhara
Chisato Hasegawa
Yuu Asakawa
Jin Tojo
Keiji Fujiwara
Yahiro Takigawa
Tomokazu Sugita
Kurumi Nonaka
Iori Nomizu
Takashi Hayase
Go Inoue
Kyoichi Shiba
Daisuke Hirakawa
Seiko Yoshida
Mamoru Sakazaki
Kenjiro Tsuda


Original story
Tetsuto Uesu (KADOKAWA Co.Ltd, Published under Kadokawa Shoten's “Sneaker Bunko” label)
Original Story Illustrations
Nekosuke Okuma (Nitroplus)
Takeshi Yasuda
Hisashi Saito
Series Composition/Screenplay
Takawo Yoshioka
Character Design
Yoshihiro Watanabe
Chief Animation Director
Yoshihiro Watanabe
Shen Hong(FAI)
Main Animator
Masami Imai
Kazuya Morimae
Action Animator
Eiji Ishimoto
Monster Design
Shinpei Kobayashi
Design Works
Masami Imai
Mina Ōtaka
Yoshihiro Ishimoto
Color Coordinator
Takao Kanekubo (TripleA)
2D Design/Special Effects
Tomoteru Murakami
Art Director
Norika Kinoshita (BIHOU)
Art Settings
Saaya Kinjō (BIHOU)
Filming Director
Tsubasa Yokoyama (T2 Studio)
T2 Studio
Yoshiaki Kimura(IMAGICA)
Sound Director
Tsuyoshi Takahashi
Sound Production
Grow Vision
Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Music Production
Nippon Columbia
Music Producer
Shunichi Uemura
Opening Theme
“Blade of Hope” by sweet ARMS
Ending Theme
“Still Sis” by Kaori Sadohara
Executive Producer
Takeshi Yasuda
Chiaki Kurakane
Animation Producer
Jiyū Ōgi
Production Producer
Naoto Danno
Animation Production
Production IMS

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