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Anime Spotlight - ReLIFE

by Chih-Chieh Chang,

On air starting July 2016

Key Staff

Director: Tomochi Kosaka
("Yowamushi Pedal" as Unit Director for eps 29)
Series Composition: Kazuho Hyodo
("Big Windup!" (episodes 6, 11, 15, 21), "Himegoto" as Series Composition)
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
("Shirobako", "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!", "Genshiken", "Prison School", "xxxHOLiC")
Character Design: Junko Yamanaka
("Kamisama Kiss")


Have you ever thought, "I want to live my life over again"?

The #1 popular comic running in the web comic site "comico" is finally turning into anime!

Arata Kaizaki (age 27) resigned from his company 3 months into starting work after graduating from college. Since then, finding a new job hasn't gone well, and with his parents cutting off financial support, he is on the verge of being forced back to his hometown.
He doesn't have friends or a girlfriend to seek advice from...
But before Kaizaki, who is at a total loss, a mysterious figure appears - Ryo Yoake.

Yoake suggests to Kaizaki about joining a social rehabilitation program for NEET people called "ReLIFE".
The program content was to use a mysterious remedy to superficially look younger, and attend high school as a student for one year...


Arata Kaizaki (VA: Kensho Ono)

27 years old, jobless, grad school graduate.
At his first job, he felt despair in society and quit his job.
Lives every day fretting how his life is different from those of his friends.
Chosen as a test subject for the "ReLIFE" experiment, he chooses to go back to being a 3rd year student in high school.

Chizuru Hishiro (VA: Ai Kayano)

Genius with top grades among all females in her graduating class. Extremely bad at communicating with others.
Has the habit of relying on internet searches when she doesn't know something.

Ryo Yoake (VA: Ryohei Kimura)

An employee of ReLIFE Laboratories in the support department. In charge of Kaizaki's ReLIFE experiment.
Always cheerful but is a very shrewd man.
He turns his guise into a high school student, and supports Kaizaki as his classmate.

Reina Kariu (VA: Haruka Tomatsu)

Good grades, and highly athletic. Doesn't like to lose, with a very abrasive personality.
However, this stoic tsundere always seeks to move up in the world, never satisfied with the status quo.

Kazuomi Oogami (VA: Yuma Uchida)

Looks flashy, but has the best grades of all males in his graduating class.
Has a pure-hearted side, and is unfamiliar with romance. Has no athletic skills.

An Onoya (VA: Reina Ueda)

Transferred into 3rd year just like Kaizaki.
Optimistic, one can't tell what she's thinking, or even if she's thinking about anything at all.

Honoka Tamarai (VA: Himika Akaneya)

Captain of the volleyball team.
Lives at her own pace and is calm, but excels at all sports and has unbelievable strength. Childhood friends with Inukai and Asaji, and the two of them call her "Tama(-chan)".

Akira Inukai (VA: Noriaki Sugiyama)

Quiet and unfriendly, but has a very honest personality.
The type that acts before he speaks.
Tamarai and Asaji call him "aki(-chan)".

Nobunaga Asaji (cv: Daisuke Namikawa)

Mild-mannered and kind in personality, he is very affable.
Has high athletic skills. Tamarai and Inukai call him "Nobu(-chan)".


Arata Kaizaki
Kensho Ono
Chizuru Hishiro
Ai Kayano
Ryo Yoake
Ryohei Kimura
Reina Kariu
Haruka Tomatsu
Kazuomi Oogami
Yuma Uchida
An Onoya
Reina Ueda
Honoka Tamarai
Himika Akaneya
Akira Inukai
Noriaki Sugiyama
Nobunaga Asaji
Daisuke Namikawa


Original Story
YayoiSo (comico)
Tomochi Kosaka
Series Composition
Michiko Yokote, Kazuho Hyodo
Character Design/Chief Animation Director
Junko Yamanaka
Color Coordinator
Miyuki Isogai
Art Director
Kentaro Akiyama
Art Settings
Tomoko Zama
Director of Photography
Nozomi Shitara
Kumiko Sakamoto
Masayasu Tsuboguchi
Sound Director
Shōji Hata
Sound Production
Animation Production
TMS Entertainment
Produced by
ReLIFE Laboratory

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