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NEWS: Cutie Honey Universe Anime Casts Enka Singer Sachiko Kobayashi

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:56 am Reply with quote
I think the casting choice is hilarious. I was hoping they'd bring Eiko Masuyama ('73 Honey) to voice Panther Zora.

Panther Zora has been mentioned a few times, and briefly shows up in the opening, but they haven't really elaborated on her in the series. Part of me feels like she'll only show up in the last episode.

In 90% of the Cutie Honey series, she adds nothing to the storyline, and only prevents it from closing. So let's see what Universe pulls.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:53 pm Reply with quote
Panther Zora was BARELY touched upon in the original Cutie Honey anime and manga (1973). The main villain of that series really was Sister Jill.
Even in the 2004 live-action Cutie Honey movie, Panther Zora was hardly mentioned. There was a throwaway line about Sister Jill "coming back from her sister Panther Zora's side" but that was about it. The 2004 movie and Re: Cutie Honey OVA series (an anime retelling of the 2004 movie) really are alternate reality takes on Cutie Honey and bear little resemblance to the 1970s anime and manga. The other anime (1973 series, Cutie Honey Flash, CHU) have been adaptations of the original storyline and there is the one direct sequel to the 1970s series, New Cutie Honey.
Zora was actually a much bigger element in the New Cutie Honey anime of the mid-1990s which was the first CH anime shown widely in the West. New Cutie Honey definitely hinted if not stated outright that Zora was defeated after the end of the 1970s anime but she resurrected in a new body. She was revived in the first story arc (first four episodes) of New CH but the series was ended at Episode 8 of the second arc because of lower sales of the second arc (which wasn't terrible but not as good as the first New Cutie Honey arc). Zora probably would have been dealt with in the final/third story arc of New Cutie Honey had it actually gone into production. Sister Jill never appeared in the flesh in New Cutie Honey.
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