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NEWS: Netflix Posts Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya CG Anime's Japanese-Dubbed Video

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Sailor Sedna

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:00 pm Reply with quote
I'm still passing on this series, and not because of Shun being a girl or anything, but because the whole trailer, despite having decent animation gives off the feeling that this doesn't even have the feeling of the Saint Seiya, I loved Saint Seiya for having Ancient Greek settings, fighting, what's with the fighting against the Japanese military in a desert thing? It's coming off like this series doesn't need to try to make any effort to be good because it has Saint Seiya characters/tropes; all it needs to do is show Saint Seiya stuff and people will be happy. The cloths, the familiar characters, attacks, etc. "It's all there", this anime is thinking, "Now I don't need to put any effort into making this compelling". The story looks empty and cliche, the set pieces are stuff we've seen hundreds of times before...

Here's an experiment: take all the Saint Seiya stuff from this trailer and replace it with a different, generic concept/setting like a military war one, and you'll realize that what you're left with is useless, cheap crap that no one will give a shit about, coming off like the producers are making a series they KNOW would not succeed on its own and slap on a Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac label so people will watch it and it'll be better for marketers/merchandisers. Same problem I had with the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal, where they thought making a piece of garbage anime, making no effort to animate nor write anything even close to a new, compelling interpretation of the manga story or new interesting versions of the characters and just slapping a label of a popular Toei Animation anime franchise on it was enough to keep me and others entertained, because they thought we were infants or had the intelligence of an infant. Evil or Very Mad
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