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Anime Expo 2008

by Carlo Santos,
Lillian Diaz-Przybyl
Marco Pavia
Kasia Pickerz

New upcoming Japanese manga releases for Tokyopop include: Phantom Dream and Tsubasa: Those With Wings, both by Natsuki Takaya; a .hack//G.U. novel; Peacemaker Kurogane (the follow-up to Peace Maker that was formerly released by ADV Manga) and Momo Tama, both by Nanae Chrono; Castle of Dreams, a short story collection by Masami Tsuda; NG Life by Mizuho Kusanagi; togainu no chi by Tomoe Sato, Sugaro Chayamachi, and Nitro+CHiRAL (original work); This Ugly Yet Beautiful World by Ashita Morimi; Maid Sama! (Kaichō wa Maid-sama!) by Hiro Fujiwara; and Demon Sacred by Natsumi Itsuki.

Due in 2009 are some international, full-color graphic novels including Orange and Remember by Hong Kong artist Benjamin; Pixie by Mathieu Mariolle and Aurore from France; and Spanish comic Luna.

New media tie-in products include: a Ghostbusters original manga coming in October (related to the upcoming video game); a number of new books based on Disney Channel franchises, including Camp Rock, High School Musical and Hannah Montana; a Battlestar Galactica original manga; and Tarot Cafe.

After the announcement of new and upcoming titles, the panel was opened up to questions. Some upcoming omnibus collections (3 volumes in 1) include Dramacon, I Luv Halloween, and Ai Yori Aoshi. Also, when asked about Kodansha's entry into US manga publishing, it is expected that Tokyopop-licensed Kodansha properties such as the Twelve Kingdoms novels will be unaffected.

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