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The title of the second ending theme (first heard in episode two) translates to "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A", which is the classic Konami Code, used for video game cheats.

The game Mafuyu Shiina plays is a game named Monster Hunter.

In episode 1 around 0:56, the characters make a reference to Dragon Ball, collecting 7 balls of whatnot and powering up. Another reference was made about DB: Evolution around 1:45.

In episode 1 around 1:37, they added a star in one of their title ideas like Lucky Star, and 2:11 they imitate the Lucky Star intro.

In episode 1, at 6:57, Sakurano's face turns into the same style as the characters in Higurashi during violent scenes, and Sugisaki makes a reference the current trend is Umineko instead.

To elaborate on the two Haruhi references, in episode 1, at 1:50, Kurimu wonders how to write the word "yuuutsu" (melancholy) after writing the word "Suzumiya" on the board (for "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu" = The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), saying that everyone would watch the show if it was called that. What's ironic is that the whole debate on what the anime's title should be was because they didn't like how the anime was named after the first novel of the series, yet both seasons of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (both having the same name) were named after the first novel of the Haruhi series. On the second reference, Ken recites a phrase that Haruhi used during her High School introduction, only to be interrupted by Kurimu as she puts a sign that says "kinsokujikou" (classified information), which is a phrase that Mikuru Asahina (also from the Haruhi series) says on many occasions, in front of Ken's face.

In episode 1, at 0:18, the website they are referring to is a reference of

In episode 1, at 19:32, they mentioned the approval of castanets for the light-music club ("kei-on bu"). This is a reference to K-ON!, when Yui thought that the light-music club would play "easy" instruments such as a castanet.

In episode 1, at 8:18, Kurimu says that Ken Sugisaki is not one of the popular main characters, but is more like the main character's best friend that is used only for jokes. Then, she writes the kanji for "Sunohara" on the board and says to pronounce it as "Sugisaki", but Ken corrects her as says the kanji should be the ones for "Okazaki". This is a reference to Clannad, where Okazaki is the main male protagonist who is loved by all of the girls, while Sunohara is Okazaki's best friend (that is used only for laughs).

In episode 1 around 1:35, the "survive" title they used is similar to the style used in Kaiji

In episode 1, at 1:50, Kurimu Sakurano is writing the words 'yuutsu'/melancholy in the white board, a reference to the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya series. Also, at 7:19, Ken Sugisaki is imitating the self-introduction Haruhi Suzumiya makes, saying that she has no interest in regular humans.

In episode 1 at 1:35, shortened title "Seizon" is the title of Seizon (2002 -TV series) based on Seizon (1999 -manga). They use same color, close style.

In episode 1 at 2:01, the suit worn by Chizuru is from Phantasy Star Online game.

In episode 1 at 5:41, Chizuru refers to infamous type of anime girl: YANDERE.

In episode 2, at 13:05, the notebook scene is a reference to Death Note.

In episode 2, at 1:15, the equivalent exchange is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist.

In episode 2, at 16:40, the bow tie fixing is a reference to Maria-sama ga Miteru.

In episode 2 around 1:15 right after the "equal value" reference Kurimu mentions about her right arm, maybe in reference to the decomposing alchemy tattoo on Scar's right arm in Fullmetal, or perhaps the metal arm on Edward.

In episode 2 around 1:08 in response to the question about publishing doujinshi (同人誌, homemade mediums) Kurimu jabs back "nothing perverted." Many of doujinshi created in tend to be adult-rated materials.

In episode 2, around 4:16 Resident Evil reference (aka Biohazard in Japan)

In episode 2, around 5:50, Mafuyu relates studying the Japanese literature to a trading card game.

In episode 2, around 14:04 and 16:50, the commentary " staff enjoyed meal after" is likely a reference to episode 1 of Bakemonogatari around 17:49, where a collage of Araragi's brain is made of food and a similar staff commentary can be seen on the lower left corner.

In episode 2 around 16:29, NyanType is a reference to the spinoff publication of NewType.

In episode 2 at 13:13, Chizuru lifts an apple and something takes a bite out of it. Continuing the references to Death Note, the thing Sugisaki is pointing at bears the silhouette of the death-god Ryuk, who enjoys eating apples.

In episode 2, around 5:45, Mafuyu gave an example that states "The moment your opponent attacks, you open your trap card. All the magic on the field will go to the graveyard". This is a reference from the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh!.

In episode 3 around 3:02, you can hear the voice of Mamiko Noto say "Would you like to try dying once" immediately following a boat with a figure standing on it in a black yukata, reference to Jigoku Shoujo, also voiced by Mamiko.

In episode 3 around 4:23, you can hear the "Terminator" theme played as the girls are replacing Sugisaki with a double.

In episode 3 around 10:10, the 2 light novels Minatsu was referring to were Toaru Majutsu no Index as well as Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

In episode 3 around 13:01 Mafuyu comments about taking one damage for every step taken with her shaking and a skull icon on her head, and Ririshia comments Mafuyu is poisoned. Many older JRPGS had persisting poisoning effects that will cause player characters to lose health while walking in the world map poisoned such as older Final Fantasy Titles as well as Breath of Fire series.

In episode 3, at 3:14, Sugisaki runs in the wings road just like in air gear

In episode 4 around 14:54 it shows a parody scene from another anime Strike Witches. Kurimu Sakurano as Miyafuji Yoshika, Chizuru Akaba as Sakamoto Mio and Minatsu Shiina as Perrine Clostermann aboard on the heavily damaged aircraft carrier "Akagi".

In episode 4 around 16:49 the girls are attempting to play with the musical instruments mimicking the girls from another anime "K-On!" with the exception of the bass guitar of Chizuru which is right handed, on K-On! Mio Akiyama uses the left handed. Kurimu mentioned that when it comes in bands there are four girls(she means Yui,Mio,Ritsu and Mugi) but Ken replied that it soon becomes five later is the reference of Azusa Nakano joining the K-On! band later in the series.

In episode 4, at about 7:10, the title of Mafuyu's novel "Ring finger that never rests" is almost certainly a reference to the fifth volume of Kannagi Satoru's LN series "Only the Ring Finger Knows", entitled "Only That Ring Finger Will Sleep" (It's a rather popular BL series).

In episode 4, Minatsu mentions an electricity story that happens at a school. This is most likely in reference to CODE-E, also produced by Studio DEEN.

In episode 4, the scene at the beginning of the episode (before the opening) where all the female members of the student council are meeting is a parody of the story in the novel "Maria sama ga Miteru".

In episode 4 14:47 is a reference of the anime Strike Witches, especially the uniforms they wore.

In episode 5, at 16:40, Taiga and Ryuji are the main characters in ToraDora.

In episode 5 when Ken is looking at the girls after his mask has been removed, the song that plays is the "Radetsky March" by Johann Strauss I.

In episode 6, the reference to "Bunny girls handing out fliers" at about 3:40 is yet another nod to Haruhi.

In episode 6, Ken mentions something about 3cm skirts. This is reference to the first few lyrics of "Motteke! Seeraa Fuku", opening song of Lucky Star

In episode 6, around 7:10, the advisor refers to Higurashi about hatchet and bat and the sounds of cicadas accompanies the conversation. In fact, she soon follows with a comment about Hinamizawa, the location setting for Higurashi.

In episode 6, 14:14, obvious reference to Metal Gear Solid.

In episode 6, 13:10, reference to Tentai Senshi Sunred (Astro Fighter Sunred).

In episode 6, the "zebra" colored ranger that Ken and Minatsu speak of is AbareKiller from the Super Sentai Series "Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger".

In episode 6, the "rainbow" colored ranger that Ken and Minatsu speak of is Big One from the Super Sentai Series "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai".

In episode 7 when Mafuyu is explaining what her role would be in a video game, the images that float around the screen are from Dragon Quest.

In episode 7,the game hardwares inside Mafuyu Bag from left to right is a PC,Nintendo Wii,PS2,and a Gameboy Advance SP.

In episode 8 10:38, they were talking about Limited Janken which is a reference to the anime Kaiji.

In episode 9 around 5:09 Minatsu is flipping through Death Note.

In episode 9 around 5:20 continuing the Death Note reference, the apple is being eaten, implying Ryuk is behind Chizuru.

In episode 9, during the preview for episode 10, references were made to Toaru Kakeru no Railgun and The Sacred Blacksmith with the kanji -> spoken quiz.

In episode 9 4:52, there is a picture of a group which is reference to Ichigo and his friends in Bleach.

In episode 10, at 2:50, Aka-chan offers Sugisaki a snack from the festival. Sugisaki replies, "I have a feeling something will go into an endless cycle, so I'll pass." Making reference to Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi 2009, in the Endless Eight saga, where events happen including a festival in which Haruhi offers Ken the same food.

In episode 10, the Law of Early Death is a reference to Air, and the Law of Amnesia is a reference to Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

In episode 10, at around 5:06, when Kurimu says "The Law of Deaths of Action Characters is the end of the first arc", it's a reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. [SPOILER of TTGL]The character on the right side of the screen is Kamina from TTGL, who dies in the first arc.

In episode 10, around 0:05 a person in a bear costume passes the screen. This is a possible reference to Sakagami Tomoyo from Clannad, who patrolled the founder's festival in a bear costume. The two bear costumes also look similiar.

In episode 11, at around 13:15, Mafuyu said that Ken might be involved in a Holy Grail War behind the scenes. This is a reference to Fate/Stay Night.

In episode 11, around 12:57, Mafuyu makes a Castlevania reference about vampire hunting.

In episode 12, around 9:59, the logo "Key" is the reference of the company Key/Visual Arts (The makers of Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters!, Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ and Rewrite)

In episode 12, around 6:04, Mafuyu makes a reference to Hikaru no Go about becoming a Go champion with a ghost from Heian period.

In episode 12, around 10:00, the key logo seen is the Visual Art's/Key logo, the eroge company that made Clannad, AIR, Kanon.

In episode 12 around 10:10 reference to another eroge maker (葉 "Leaf").

In episode 12, around 14,15, Sugisaki mentions the power to make delusions reality could be a reference to Chaos;HEAd.

In episode 12, around 22:02, the flying underwear comment is a reference to Sora no Otoshimono.

in episode 12, at 9:34, Sugisaki say "A host" which could probably be a reference to the anime "Ouran High School Host Club"

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