Kojima Productions' Mascot Ludens Gets Nendoroid, Figure, Video

posted on by Karen Ressler
Face behind the character's mask identified

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As game developer Hideo Kojima's new company gears up for its first game, its mascot character Ludens has been waving the "Kojima Productions" flag far and wide. Now, he's traveling to Good Smile Company's figma and Nendoroid figure lines.

Kojima tweeted these photographs of the figure prototypes last week. The Figma is a 1/12-scale figure.

The Kojima Productions YouTube channel also began streaming a logo movie featuring Ludens.

Kojima confirmed at Comic Con International this past weekend that Ludens has nothing to do with his cryptic upcoming game Death Stranding. He didn't have much to share on the game itself but he did say the face behind the Ludens mask is based on his own.

Source: Polygon

Update: Game title fixed. Thanks, Nyren.

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