Haikyu!! Switches Genres for Ichiban Kuji Lottery

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Merchandise based on non-existent action movies

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Are you a big fan of Haikyu!!, but getting tired of all the volleyball? If so, the October Ichiban Kuji (a lottery that often involves anime merchandise) is for you, since it's based on two different fictional action movies starring the Haikyu!! cast. They are supposedly directed by Chikara and are based on his ideas for films.

One set of prizes (the "Fighter Box") is based on Haikyu Fighter II: The Movie, in which the Karasuno team has apparently been practicing its martial arts. It includes this cushion designed to look like a movie poster with the taglines "The fight to take back the stolen court begins!" and "Don't think you can crush me that easily." (Daichi) "This time I'll definitely take you down!" (Shōyō) It's drawn by Haruichi Furudate, the manga creator.

It also includes these acrylic stands of the characters in fighting mode...

badges of the characters pixellated...

and rubber straps of the characters (and some film crew, because why not?).

The "Last One" prizes are a tote bag and badges of Chikara as a director and Akaashi as a cameraman. The "Double Chance" prize is a wall scroll of the fake film poster.

If you're more into fantasy and/or RPGs, the other set of prizes (the "Quest Box") might be more interesting. This shows the Haikyu!! cast as characters out of a fantasy story, Haikyu Quest II. The cushion again looks like a movie poster, this time with the taglines "Destruction awaits them, or perhaps —" and "We will win!" (Tobio) "Come at me with your strongest weapon, Tobio!" (Oikawa)

The other prizes also follow the same format as the Fighter Box.

The Ichiban Kuji lottery begins on October 1 and can be entered for 620 yen ($6) at bookstores, Tsutaya, Animate, Jump Shop, hobby shops, and arcades in Japan. You can choose either the Fighter Box, the Quest Box, or both. Other recent Ichiban Kuji include Mr. Osomatsu, Godzilla Resurgence and Dragon Ball.

Source: Animate Times

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