Nichijou Voice Actors Kaori Sadohara, Yoshihisa Kawahara Marry

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Voice actress Kaori Sadohara revealed on her official blog on Wednesday that she and fellow voice actor Yoshihisa Kawahara entered the family register. The couple used a Detective Conan marriage registration form that debuted earlier this year.

Sadohara said that she and Kawahara met while working on the Nichijou - My Ordinary Life anime together. Sadohara voiced Annaka, and Kawahara voiced Kōjirō Sasahara in the series. Sadohara said that she had not thought that Kawahara might become her future husband when they were working on the anime.

Sadohara said that although Kawakara is her senior in the world of voice acting, he always treated her kindly. The two were able to enjoy conversations and laughter as their relationship developed. Sadohara said that although she has "a lot of growing to do yet as a person and an actress," she will try all the more to do her best with the support of her husband and fans.

In addition to her work on Nichijou, Sadohara's anime roles include Date A Live's Tamae Okamine, Inari Kon Kon's Chika Marutamachi, and Isuca's Tamako. Kawahara has voiced characters such as Kämpfer's Mikihito Higashida, NANA's Yasushi Takagi, and Tamako Market's Tomio Shimizu.

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