Tasty Pocky Boys Expand Their Brand with Takuya Eguchi, Takahiro Sakurai, Yūma Uchida

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Glico devises a way for customers to spend real time with their snack sweetie

Pocky lovers, were you enticed by the new handsome characters representing the brand's popular flavors? The iconic snack is unveiling three more tasty boyfriends as part of its "Koibito wa Pocky" (Your Sweetheart is Pocky) anthropomorphization project.

The initial announcement introduced Yuuki Kaji (My Hero Academia's Shōto Todoroki, Attack on Titan's Eren Jeager) as Kokoro Furuichi, the human version of "Bumpy Strawberry Heartful" heart-shaped Pocky and Junichi Suwabe (Fate/stay night's Archer, Yowamushi Pedal's Toji Kanzaki) as Nami Shiroyama, the anthropomorphized version of "The Milk" Pocky.

Kokoro is the kind of guy who pulls on heartstrings with his smiling face and childlike demeanor. He loves the color pink and has a habit of making his hands into a heart.

Nami has the atmosphere of an adult. He sometimes does things like suddenly disappearing, and he fails to read true feelings. The first things he does after waking up in the morning are drink milk and set his hair in waves.

The official Twitter account added three new characters, each voiced by a popular voice actor. Takuya Eguchi, known for his indescribably bad doodles and as the voice of Hachiman Hikigaya in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, joins the cast as Almond Crush's ultra-masculine, occasionally shy Kōhei Mondo.

The fourth character is the ultra-refined Tsugihiko Kyōgoku voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Mr. Osomatu's Osomatsu, Berserk's Griffith). This character represents Gokuboso Pocky (gokuboso means extremely thin). Tsugihiko has never experienced love outside of the novels he reads. Also, he's an extremely dedicated reader, completing 50 books a month.

The fifth and last Pocky guy is Kōichirō Agazawa voiced by Yuuma Uchida. Kōichirō gets the distinction of representing classic Pocky, beloved the world over for years. His personality is akin to sunshine and he always finds the very best in people.

You can take a listen of all the voice actors introducing their characters in a new promotional video.

So what exactly are the Pocky Boys outside of character designs appearing on snack packaging? Glico finally revealed that the entire project is leading into an augmented reality (AR) campaign. Customers need only pick the Pocky of their choice to enjoy some time with their favorite sweetie.

Which guy would you pick? Would you base your choice on what's inside like his flavor, or what's on the outside?

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