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Yuuki Kaji, Junichi Suwabe Lead Pocky Anthropomorphization Project

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Do you love Pocky? Do you really, really love it? The makers of one of Japan's most popular chocolate snacks are reimagining Pocky as a potential lover. The official Pocky Japan Twitter account announced the "Koibito wa Pocky" (Your Sweetheart is Pocky) anthropomorphization project on Monday.

The Twitter account is unveiling one new variety of Pocky transformed into a bishōnen character every day. The account revealed on Tuesday that Yuuki Kaji (My Hero Academia's Shōto Todoroki, Attack on Titan's Eren Jeager) will play Kokoro Furuichi, the human version of "Bumpy Strawberry Heartful" heart-shaped Pocky. Kokoro is the kind of guy who pulls on heartstrings with his smiling face and childlike demeanor. He loves the color pink and has a habit of making his hands into a heart.

On Wednesday, the campaign revealed Junichi Suwabe (Fate/stay night's Archer, Yowamushi Pedal's Toji Kanzaki) as Nami Shiroyama, the anthropomorphized version of "The Milk" Pocky. Nami has the atmosphere of an adult. He sometimes does things like suddenly disappearing, and he fails to read true feelings. The first things he does after waking up in the morning are drink milk and set his hair in waves.

The characters appear on special packaging in the promotional images, but the promotion has yet to reveal how the voice actors will participate in the project.

Pocky maker Glico celebrates November 11 as Pocky Day every year. Glico's Pocky collaborations have also included projects with franchises such as Monster Hunter and Hatsune Miku.

[Via Nijimen]

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