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CLAMP Releases Limited Edition Magic Knight Rayearth-Inspired Kimono

posted on by Choo Sum Lee
Only three kimonos of each color will be made and sold

As part of a collaborative project between the manga creator quartet CLAMP and the city of Kyoto, a set of Kyo Yuzen kimonos inspired by the Magic Knight Rayearth series are currently available for sale. Representing the primary colors of the series' protagonists Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, the kimonos come in red, blue, and green variations respectively. The kimonos cost 330,000 yen (around US$3,013 ) each, and only three kimonos per variation will be made and sold.

The fabric of the kimonos is crafted from pure, high-grade silk, and the patterning on the sleeves is inspired by the uniforms and armor of the characters from the Magic Knight Rayearth series.

Each kimono is also hand-dyed using the Kyo Yuzen method (a traditional textile dyeing technique from Kyoto that is pioneered by Edo-period artist Miyazaki Yuzensai) by dyeing artist Mutsumi Kuzumi. As a lifelong fan of the series and CLAMP herself, this is something of a passion project for Kuzumi, allowing her to bring together her respect for her favorite mangaka and her love of kimono.

The kimonos are created as part of the CLAMP X Kyoto City collaboration project, which aims to support Kyoto's industries and craftsmen that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project has also spawned other products, such as a Card Captor Sakura-themed jewelry box that is also hand-painted by Kuzumi, and a drinking cup inspired by xxxHOLiC.

All the abovementioned products and more can be purchased at Clamp's official online store.

Sources: Clamp-fans.com and Mutsumi Kuzumi's Twitter account via @MishimaKitan

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