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Voice Actor Yoshino Aoyama Appears as Bocchi The Rock's Bocchilla in Shimokitazawa

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
Aoyama disguised as monster Bocchilla got likes, handed out flyers

One of the greatest anime monsters in the last decade is arguably Bocchilla from Bocchi the Rock! While the monster only appeared briefly in one episode of the series as a hallucination of main character Hitori Goto, it still left an impression on fans. That very monster was in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on May 24 handing out flyers for the upcoming film and Zepp 2024 tour. But unbeknownst to fans, the person inside the costume was none other than Hitori Goto's voice actor, Yoshino Aoyama.

Image via Bocchi the Rock anime's Twitter account

The official X (formerly Twitter) account for the Bocchi the Rock! series announced the event on May 24. The initial post noted this was an “emergency flyer distribution” event and would begin at 6:00 p.m. that day at the Shimokita Senrogai Open Space. The tweet also noted a certain monster might also appear at the event.

◤ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Emergency Flyer Distribution

🚨An emergency flyer distribution event will be held in Shimokitazawa beginng a 6pm today!

◆ Location: Shimokita Senrogai Open Space event space

And that monster might attack…!?
#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!]

True to the tweet's word, Bocchilla made an appearance at the flyer distribution event. Comic Natalie's YouTube channel posted a short clip of the monster's appearance.

Emergency flyer distribution

The first session of
Goto-san's greeting is over!
The second part will be shown from 19:15 to 19:30🎈
Please come and visit us🎸
#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!]

In a surprise twist, though, it was revealed after the event was over the person inside the Bocchilla costume wasn't a staff member of the event. It was actually the voice of Hitori Goto, Yoshino Aoyama. A post on the Bocchi the Rock! X account unveiled Aoyama with a short TikTok video. In the video Aoyama had a short message for the fans, saying it was hotter than she imagined and asking how many people realized it was her.

[Shocking Reveal]

The moment the cast was revealed.
https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSYYkpUc9/ #ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!] #青山吉能 [Yoshino Aoyama]

Aoyama also posted photos of her revealing she was Bocchilla all along on her X account. In the tweet, she asked her fans to share the photos and videos they took of her as Bocchilla with her.

No way!
The person inside had become the person inside🦖
I will treasure all the photos you took of Bocchilla! Show me! I'll give you a ♡ from my heart.
#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!]

With the new film starting on June 7 and the Zepp Tour starting on September 8, this was a wonderful way to get the word out. Hopefully, in the future, Aoyama or maybe another cast member will dress up as Bocchilla for other Bocchi the Rock! events.

Sources: Bocchi the Rock! anime's X/Twitter account (link 2, link 3), Yoshino Aoyama's X/Twitter account, Comic Natalie's YouTube channel

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