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Original Manga by creator of Wedding Peach

Following their first announcement regarding the continuation of the Angel Wing series, Fanboy Entertainment and Plex have announced that they will be bringing Nozomi, and original Shouo Manga by Nao Yazawa created specifically for American fans, to the United States.

Nao Yazawa, best known for her work on Wedding Peach(published in the US by Tokyopop), will write and illustrate the one shot 56 page full color graphic novel.

Excerpts from Press Release:

Nao Yazawa took some time to explain her thoughts about Nozomi. “I am very excited to have this chance to show my original shojo manga to American fans. I had never done any comic wok specifically for manga fans in the U.S., so there were times it was a little confusing. For example, the process of drawing the pages from left to right (Japanese is usually the opposite, from right to left), and adding sound effects in a more horizontal style (vertical writing is possible in Japanese manga). Also, Nozomi marks the first time my pages will be completely colored, not just in black and white. However, I am working to tell the fantastic story of Nozomi with as much sweat and love as I would devote to any of my other Japanese manga. I hope you will all enjoy Nozomi, and I pray for its success so I will have another chance to write and draw more manga for you in the future.”

Nozomi is not only the title of the manga, but the name of the main character of the story as well. Nozomi is a shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected. A playful demon comes to Earth to teach her about love… the hard way.

Nozomi will go on sale this July for $5.95. This 56 page, original shojo manga will be completely written, illustrated and colored by Nao Yazawa herself! Her other popular manga series Wedding Peach will be also released by Viz this same month, with the anime series due out in the U.S. soon as well. A special preview edition of Nozomi will be available at Anime Expo 2003 held July 3-6th in Los Angeles. Plex Co., Ltd. will also have a booth at the San Diego Comic Com from July 17-20th and Anime Reactor from October 24-26th in Chicago. Nao Yazawa will be at both later conventions for her first U.S. convention appearances.

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