Funimation Premieres Alderamin on the Sky English Dub, Announces Cast

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Funimation Entertainment premiered the first two episodes of its English dub of Alderamin on the Sky on Saturday. The dub cast includes:

  • Joel McDonald as Ikta Solork
  • Caitlin Glass as Yatorishino Igsem
  • Megan Shipman as Princess Chamille
  • Austin Tindle as Torway Remeon
  • Shawn Gann as Matthew Tedtrich
  • Leah Clark as Haroma Becker
  • Clifford Chapin as Kusa

From the first episode:

  • Colby Cockburn as Enemy Soldier 1A
  • Alex Moore as Female Friend 1A
  • Blake Shepard as Gu
  • Justin Briner as Iriq
  • T.K. Masala as Male Friend 1A
  • Travis Mullenix as Rando
  • Clifford Chapin as Sailor 1A

From the second episode:

  • Kent Williams as Emperor
  • Jeremy Schwartz as General Hazaf
  • Brandon Potter as Neijif

Brandon Potter is serving as ADR director, Jessica Cavanagh is handling the script, Colby Cockburn is the ADR engineer, and Adrian Cook is the Mix Engineer.

The 13-episode anime premiered in Japan on July 8 and Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan. In addition to streaming the English dub, Funimation plans to release the series on home video.

In the "military history fantasy" series, the Katvarna Empire is at war with the neighboring Republic of Kioka. In the Katvarna Empire, the lazy, woman-admiring Ikuta hates war, but due to certain circumstances, he grudgingly takes the High Grade Military Officer Exam. No one would have expected that this 17-year-old young man would eventually become a soldier called a great commander by others. Ikuta survives this world engulfed in war with his superior intellect.

Thanks to Luke Dias for the news tip.

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