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Tokyopop Licenses Never Let Go, Send Them A Farewell Gift for the Lost Time, 5 More Manga

posted on by Adriana Hazra

ANN's coverage of Anime Expo 2023 sponsored by Yen Press!

Tokyopop announced at its panel during Anime Expo on Tuesday that it has licensed seven new manga titles for release under its new romance manga imprint LoveLove. The following manga will launch in 2024:

Title: Never Let Go
Creator: Saki Sakimoto
Release date: January 16
Summary: After getting into trouble at his elite alpha school, Haruto is transferred. His new classroom is a frenzy of excitement over this new student, but Miyabi, the student council president, is the only one who treats him with derision.

They have opposite personalities and life circumstances, but as the two of them clash they also grow attracted to one another. And Miyabi finds himself powerless against Haruto's alpha pheromones...

Title: Send Them a Farewell Gift for the Lost Time
Creator: cocomi
Release date: January 16
Summary: For four years, Naruse was swept up in his love for his novelist boyfriend, Toui. But tiring of his flightiness and lack of commitment, Naruse finally walks away from his relationship.

Or at least, he tries to. Every time he runs into Toui, they seem to get tangled in one another's emotions and end up sleeping together. They argue and fight, then afterwards comes the pang of regret. Maybe their relationship is doomed to fail. Or maybe, it just needs a new angle...

Title: I'll Never Fall in Love With an Egoist!
Creator: Emu Soutome
Release date: February 20
Summary: Aohara is a playboy; life is an everlasting summer and there's no rest for the horny, especially for a top like him.

Pursued relentlessly by a guy named Masaki, Aohara is frustrated when Masaki insists on being on top, and making Aohara the bottom. But Masaki is friendly and soft-spoken, making it hard for Aohara to fend off his advances...

Title: Cover My Scars With Your Kiss
Creator: Io Amaki
Release date: March 5
Summary: Crying over a broken heart, Seto bumps into well-dressed businessman Kurusu... literally. Insisting the two go to his fancy apartment to wash off the coffee stains, Kurusu presses Seto for the reason why he's so distraught, and one thing leads to another.

When the two cross paths again later, Kurusu proposes they make their arrangement a little more long term. Cautious about falling in love again so soon, Seto can't help but feel drawn to this wealthy, handsome and kind man...

Title: Heat x Beat: I May Be an Omega, But I'm Going to Be an Idol!
Creator: Ken Homerun
Release date: March 19
Summary: Asahi wants nothing more than to be an idol, and when he's chosen as the latest member of boyband B-Marks he's over the moon. Except for one little detail; Asahi is an omega, and one of the other members, Madoka, is an alpha. Insisting on staying unmated to remain loyal to their fanbase, Asahi agrees to a "friends with benefits" arrangement to appease their hormonal urges without commitment. At least, that's what he intends...

Title: Rooming With My Two Lovers
Creator: Anji Seina
Release date: March 19
Summary: Meet Atsushi, an easily influenced, struggling musician. One day his hairdresser, Shiki, asked him, “Why don't you come to live with me and my friend?” 

It seemed like a good idea... at least, until the friend turned out to be Atsushi's ex, Enraku. They were madly in love, but ended on bad terms. Can the three of them together mend the broken pieces of a past relationship?

Title: My Love Will Last Until the End of Time
Creator: Nanako Haida
Release date: March 19
Summary: Hiroto, a college student, has memories of his past life. He used to be the heir to the throne, and was deeply in love with a commoner man. Then, one day, their love was ruthlessly torn apart.

He was still a child when these memories returned to him, and ever since Hiroto has been searching for his beloved Mika in this world. He vows that this time, they will find happiness together.

Fate brings them together once again, but Mika's reincarnation, Kou, has no memory of his previous life...

Tokyopop will also release Ana C. Sánchez's Alter Ego 2: Noel and June comic and Crimson Chains' Star Crossed volume 1 on February 6.

Source: Email correspondence

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