Fuji Rock Festival Favorite BO-PEEP Premieres on JapanFiles.com

November 14, 2007 – All-female punk trio BO-PEEP premieres on JapanFiles.com this week with their entire 3-album discography: "0x3," "Time of Rock," and the crowd-pleasing, face-smashing "Is It Good For You?!!"

Vocal / Guitar: MIKA YOSHIMURA

"From the first hard hitting track of 'Is It Good for You?!!', BO-PEEP wastes no time dragging you into their realm of rock, rebellion, and revolution."
- J-Revolution.com

"Raised on a diet of '90s grunge and '70 punk spirit, BO-PEEP blends the undisciplined rage of the former with the revolutionary sound of the latter."
- Japanator.com


* video link – BO-PEEP live performance

Official Bio (courtesy of 3rd Stone From The Sun Records):

From Fukuoka, Japan comes BO-PEEP, a 3-piece all-girl band with raging guitar distortion, wave-riding bass, new-style, blind-power drumming, and heartfelt melodies! This music rams into you full steam ahead, with thoughtful lyrics and a buzz that leaves you wanting to hear more.

"Respect" for genres or musical ancestry doesn't mean to simply continue on and easily succeed through time-tested formulas. Respect is to absorb, digest, evolve and keep sublimating the band to find a higher musical ground. Superficial 'respect' just blocks evolution. Respect for the members of BO-PEEP (Yoshimura, Nakano, Himei) consists of achieving the extreme rock purity that is the fruit of their instinctive drive.

The BO-PEEP girls grew up in the generation of grunge (Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) and they paint from that colorful musical palette. But to the truth, as for the essence of their style, one could say that late 60s, early 70s punk and rock (say, the Stooges, or Patti Smith) is their backbone. And from this genealogy, and the universality of rock itself, they've been carving out a new direction.

In addition to this, the music drives the poetic lyricism of Mika Yoshimura, who writes with a desperate belief in a light that will guide her out from the chaotic monotony of everyday life; that can scream and be heard from the abyss of easy Japanese popular and traditional music. With this cry come the BO-PEEPs, who want not sheep, but passionate, screaming music fans!

"It's hard to imagine the extent of this 3-piece girl band's dense, intense sound piercing the world as it does".
-Tower Record's BOUNCE magazine in Japan

"More vicious rifts than a pack of starving polecats. Their Ramones back to back style delivery is giving us speedy three minute slices of rock gold. BO-PEEP won over the audience easily,…they were the stars of the evening."
-David Harrison, Music Towers,U.K.

2000 BO-PEEP is formed in Fukuoka
2000 First live show at CB in Fukuoka.
2001 1st album "8" is released.
2001 "Thousand-year Lighter" was released independently.
2001 Touring Tokyo, Osaka and other areas.
2002 BO PEEP goes on the road for a full tour.
2002 BO PEEP makes Tokyo their new home.
2003 Mini-album "0x3" (Mother Records) is released.
2003 "Heavy Baby", a self-produced event is regularly held at ZEPP Fukuoka.
2003 Touring Fukuoka and Osaka.
2004 Appearances at Shelter in Shimokitazawa.
2005 Performed at the "Independence D Vol. 0" event.
2005 "Time of Rock" (3rd Stone From The Sun Records) produced by MO'SOME TONBEBENDER's Isamu Fujita is released.
2005 April / May Kansai and Kyushu tour was successful.
2006 April Touring in UK London, Brighton, Bornmouth and other areas.
2006 Fall Appearances at IN THE CITY in UK
2006 Fall Touring in UK London, York, Bath, Manchester and other areas.
2007 Jan. 3rd Album "Is It Good For You?!!" (3rd Stone From The Sun Records) is released.
2007 Performed at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan

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