Female J-Rock Band Gacharic Spin Returns to America for Tekko 2014

December 24, 2013 - All-female JRock band Gacharic spin will perform a live concert in April 2014 at Pittsburgh anime event Tekko 2014 (formerly Tekkoshocon). Formed by bassist F Chopper KOGA and drummer Hana, the band has contributed to Sony PSP's Hatsune Miku Project Diva series and created soundtrack songs for the Japanese Black Angel films. Known in Japan for their non-stop energy and respected musical technique, Gacharic Spin has toured Korea, France, and the United States.

During 2013, Gacharic Spin released a new album Delicious, starred in the horror-comedy film Dead Banging, and formed a special performance group DOLL$BOXX with Light Bringer vocalist Fuki.

In addition to the Tekko 2014 concert, Gacharic Spin will participate in a fan Q&A panel and autograph session, plus a special invitation-only encore show at Pittsburgh's Hard Rock Cafe.

Gacharic Spin appears at Tekko 2014 by arrangement with RESONANCE Media and Brisk Crew.

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Drums/Vocals: Hana
Bass: F Chopper KOGA
Guitar: TOMO-ZO
Keyboard/Vocals: Oreo Reona
Dancer: Mai
Dancer: Arisa

Gacharic Spin was formed in 2009 by high school friends bassist F Chopper KOGA (ex. THE PINK☆PANDA) and drummer Hana. F Chopper KOGA began recruiting members through her personal blog, and guitarist EITA and vocalist Armmy were selected to join the band. Choosing their band name from the unique combination of their clattering (“gacha-gacha”) personalities and high-energy performance style, On June 10th, 2009, they opened their official website and started their activities as Gacharic Spin.

In October 2009, the band started their very first Higashi-Meihan tour “Across the now!” At the end of the tour, they held their one-man finale concert at Astro Hall in Harajuku. In November of the same year, guitarist EITA withdrew the band after their live at LIVE GATE TOKYO event in Ebisu, and guitarist TOMO-ZO (ex. EU PHORIA) passed the audition to join Gacharic Spin. TOMO-ZO began performances with the band in December 2009 at Thunder Snake Atsugi in Tokyo. In March 2010, they released their first single Lock On!! accompanied by their nationwide tour.

In July 2010, Gacharic Spin made their Japanese television debut, performing on NHK's program MUSIC JAPAN, followed by the release of popular music instructional videos by F Chopper Koga, Hana, and TOMO-ZO. In March 2011, the band was invited to perform in America at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas.

Gacharic Spin's song “LosT AngeL” was chosen as the theme song of the film Black Angel, and they released their one-year anniversary live DVD Gacharic Spin 1st Anniversary LIVE – Shogeki! Shogeki? Show Geki – Kanzen Ban in April 2011. In May 2011, the band released their first album VIRGIN-A on major-label Universal Music. In October 2011, Gacharic Spin performed their second overseas live at DONGDUCHEON ROCK FESTIVAL 2011 (Soyo Rock Festival) in Dongducheon, South Korea.

At the end of 2011, F Chopper KOGA, TOMO-ZO, and HANA performed as motion capture models for characters in Sony's PSP game “Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA-extend”, and the band hosted their first experimental music variety show “Gacharic Spin Music Detective Q” on the Music AIR channel. F Chopper KOGA, TOMO-ZO, and Hana coached AKB48 for instrumental performances in their 2012 single “GIVE ME FIVE!”. TOMO-ZO also performed a one-day-only substitution for AKB48 member Takahashi Minami.

In March 2012, Gacharic Spin announced the departure of vocalist Armmy, and invited several guest vocalists to perform at their “Gachapinchi” tour, with drummer Hana and supporting keyboard player Oreo Reona (ex. EU PHORIA) performing many songs as lead vocalists. At the close of the tour, Oreo Reona became an official member of Gacharic Spin.

In May 2012, Gacharic Spin toured Europe and attended the Japan Festival in Nîmes, France. In June 2012, they released the single Nudierhythm, which contained the songs “Black Survival” and “Monchroid”, which were selected as the theme songs for the film sequels Black Angels 2 and Black Angels 3.

In December 2012, the members of Gacharic Spin joined Light Bringer's vocalist Fuki to form the special unit DOLL$BOXX, and released the album Dolls Apartment through King Records.

Gacharic Spin's second album Delicious was released in March 2013, followed by a live DVD release Delicious Live DVD in October 2013. That same year, the comedy-horror movie Dead Banging (Metaruka) was released, starring all members of Gacharic Spin and directed by Black Angels director Eiji Uchida.

In 2014, Gacharic Spin will contribute to the Disney Rocks!! Girl's Power! CD compilation.

TEKKO 2014, presented by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society, will be held April 3rd through 6th at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. The event will feature Japanese pop culture events including a J-Rock music concert and Cosplay Masquerade. For more information about the event, please visit http://tekko.us.

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