"Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators" DLsite Official Translation Released on Steam

March 15, 2019, Tokyo – The English translated version of independent developer Atorasoft's gladiator role-playing game “Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators” is now available for sale on Steam. It can also be purchased on DLsite.

Developer Comment:
"YOU, the player, will not be restricted by a single story. In this RPG you can enjoy a 'free-scenario' where you are at liberty to adventure and play as you please.
The battle and exploration controls are straightforward, allowing the player to enjoy the content many times in a smooth and hassle-free manner.
We sincerely hope you enjoy our game!

Publisher Comment:
"Do not pass up the opportunity to check out Mad Princess. This eloquently designed game is utterly packed with originality. Utilizing the WOLF Editor engine in ways we have never seen before, much of the game system has been designed from scratch and is truly amazing.
The contents traverse a fine line between simulation and role-playing, with elements of character development, resource management and tactics. Work your way up the ranks at the Coliseum, grasp your freedom and continue onward to explore the vast world of Mad Princess.
The lands of this world are jam-packed filled with unique NPCs and battles galore. From petty conversation and bartering, to duels and comradery... a variety of personalities which you can interact with in varying ways await you. Here we have a petitely packaged game containing an incredible variety of things you can do.
As for the localization process, we have a comment from our translator.
[I had a lot of fun translating Mad Princess, and it was difficult not to when I got to drop in references and historical allusions to Ancient Rome. Admittedly, the biggest challenge was keeping to the word count (which can often be rather strict in some of the indie games we translate).
With that being said, I felt like I was going on an adventure myself while reading through and translating the story. The characters themselves have such lifelike motivations which can be hard to come by in fantasy settings) and I hope players can take the time to get to know them as well while exploring this quasi-Ancient Roman world!]"

◼ Product Description
Title: Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators
Developer: Atorasoft
Genre: Single Player RPG
Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Languages: English (Interface & Subtitles)
Audio: BGM and Sound Effects

◼ Steam Product Page

◼ Promotion Video: https://chobit.cc/858sb

[About the Developer]
Atorasoft is an independent developer located in Japan comprised of two main members. Atora, who carries out the game system programming, etc. and Wareyon, the artist which creates their unique graphics. So far, their games are role-playing in nature and have a focus on exploration and adventure.
In February 2012, Atorasoft released their first product on DLsite, an assortment of graphics, which looked to be setting materials for a game or otherwise. This was followed by a period of silence until April 2018, when they released their first game with DLsite. That game was “Mad Princess”, which is now one of the best selling AllAge indie games on DLsite and, considering its recent release, may very well become the best containing original content!
So, by all means, take a look and see. For you may be pleasantly surprised!
Developer's official blog and twitter page (Japanese language):

[About the Publisher]
DLsite is one of the largest indie on-demand online download stores in Japan. The English section of DLsite, DLsite English ( http://www.dlsite.com/eng/ ), designed for English language speakers, offers international customers easy and instant access to a wide variety of indie products. As of February 2019, it has over 130,000 products available for sale and registered users exceed 180,000. Having also registered as a publisher on Steam, DLsite intends to branch out and provide access to an even wider audience both geologically and linguistically.

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