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Tales of Luminaria, a New Epic RPG Mobile Game Starts its Pre-registration Today

Find out all about the game and upcoming exciting news in “Tales of Luminaria Show #1”!

A special anime "Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad" is under production!


Tokyo, Japan, Friday September 24, 2021 - Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. has announced the start of pre-registration of TALES OF LUMINARIA, a new mobile app for “Tales of” series available for iOS and Android. The production for its animation was also announced in its first video content, “Tales of Luminaria Show #1”.

Throughout its 25-year history, the "Tales of" series has spun a tale of encounters with fascinating characters and their growth.

Tales of Luminaria maintains the series' core theme of "Encounters that change the world”, but has a whole new original story and characters. It can be enjoyed by both those who are familiar with the series and those who are not, through new challenges and new experiences mentioned in the show.

Synopsis of the game:
Tales of Luminaria will bring a new mobile game experience, with its ensemble drama type of system that plays out from 21 different perspectives showing their way of life and the bonds they share with their friends. These unique 21 protagonists, designed by Shun Saeki, grow as they clash with each other over their own "justice". Every time you play through the stories of the various characters, you will learn more about the characters' true intentions, and the world around them.

▼Tales of Luminaria Trailer:

▼Watch "Tales of Luminaria Show #1” to find more about the game:

Game play:
Despite the simple tap and flick controls, the user can enjoy action battles which links to each characters' personality, whether it's standing quickly with a sword or sniping remotely with a bow and arrow. With friends to share the adventure, you can wade through dungeons where beasts nest, fight giant boss beasts, gather information in villages and towns, and so on. You can now enjoy this "down-to-earth RPG experience" to the fullest in the app.

All 21 diverse characters are protagonists.

There are young knight candidates who belong to the Jerle Federation, generals who support the Gildllan Empire from the center, and adventurers who pursue the truth of the world without belonging to either country. Set in the war between the Federation and the Empire, the 21 protagonists belonging to these three groups will weave bonds with their friends as they live out their lives strongly in accordance with their own thoughts and objectives. By playing each character, it will alter users' perspective and light up more of the story.

Character details will be released on official twitter and facebook one character at a time every day starting today, so stay tuned!

With the support by Funimation, all in-game voices are English dubbed.
Check out the voice actor information at Funimation news blog!

Funimation news blog:

Tales of Luminaria Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/to_luminaria_en
Tales of Luminaria' official teaser site: https://luminaria-en.tales-ch.jp/

What is the "Tales of" series?

Set in a fantasy world, “Tales of” series is story of adventure, growth, and bonds among characters set in a fantasy world. The series continue to weave new stories through a wide variety of developments, including home video games, applications, fan events, goods, and animation.

The series' official portal site "Tales Channel +": https://tales-ch.jp/en/


App Name : Tales of Luminaria
Genre : Ensemble action RPG
Release Date : TBD
Platform : App Store, Google Play
Official Web Site : https://luminaria-en.tales-ch.jp/
Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/to_luminaria_en
Publisher : Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Copyright : ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Character Design/Shun Saeki

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