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Delicious in Dungeon: Special Advance Screening Report

October 2023 (Tokyo, Japan): The anime series Delicious in Dungeon conducted a special advance screening at Tokyo in September, and the official report has arrived.

TV anime Delicious in Dungeon special advance screening report:
The cast and crew, bursting with love, reflect on their impressions and commitment to the project.
On September 11 and 15, with only four months to go until the anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon (or Dungeon Meshi) airs in January 2024, two special advance screenings were held in Tokyo.

Around 200 fans in total (100 each screening date) gathered at the venue after being recruited through social media. Fans got the opportunity to watch the first episode, which had previously premiered at Anime Expo 2023 in the U.S., Japan Expo 2023 in France, and AnimagiC2023 in Germany, as well as the world premiere of the second episode.

Laios and his company traverse into the depths of the dungeon and create a variety of dishes out of the monsters they encounter. The fans appeared to be very happy with the never-before-seen footage, and the screening was received with a warm round of applause that resounded long after the showing had ended.

Shortly after, the cast and crew made an appearance, treating viewers to an advance-screening-exclusive insider talk segment. On the 11th, it was voice actors Kentaro Kumagai (Laios) and Asuna Tomari (Chilchuck), as well as Director Yoshihiro Miyajima and Producer Kazufumi Kikushima who took the stage. The four reflected on their journey from the start of production up until now as well as their impressions of the work, giving fans an opportunity to hear firsthand about each of their love and commitment to the project.

The first step toward animating the series began with an animated teaser released with the eighth volume of the original manga series back in September of 2019.

At that point, Producer Kazufumi Kikushima's involvement with an anime adaptation of the series was already underway, though he did not have a hand in the teaser's production. He would later learn that the teaser would be produced by Studio TRIGGER.

TRIGGER's very own Director Yoshihiro Miyajima, who had been a long-time fan of Delicious in Dungeon along with manga author Ryoko Kui's other works, nominated himself for the project, and together with a team centered around the younger staff, went forward with production.

“I've loved Delicious in Dungeon ever since it first began serialization. Back when the first volume was released (January of 2015) I remember asking my boss if there was any way we (TRIGGER) could do an anime adaptation, only to be told we didn't have any director capable of animating such a series at the time. Several years later, the opportunity to work on the animated teaser came our way. I felt I ought to be the one to direct it, so I put my own name forward for the project.” Director Yoshihiro Miyajima told fans.

Producer Kazufumi Kikushima was incredibly satisfied with TRIGGER's animated teaser, to the point that he decided to put the animation studio in charge of the TV anime as well. A TV anime adaptation by Studio TRIGGER was then officially announced in August of 2022 with a teaser visual depicting the four main characters in a pitch-dark dungeon, illuminated by their meal cooking over a fire.

“Character designer Naoki Takeda also drew various monsters lurking in the shadows. It's hard to see them since they're in the shadows, though.” remarked Kazufumi Kikushima with a laugh.

Following the announcement, KADOKAWA distributed stickers at their booth at AnimeJapan in March 2023. The crew also talked about how a commercial for Delicious in Dungeon was shown during the Gridman Universe film's theater run which began that same month.

“For every TRIGGER production, we like to include a video that features the characters from the following production as a way to pass the baton from one project to the next. We made the commercial in that same way, to pass the baton to Delicious in Dungeon, which would be our next project.” Said Yoshihiro Miyajima.

“It was Gridman Universe Director Akira Amemiya who suggested that we use the Delicious in Dungeon commercial and put it in the film.” Kazufumi Kikushima added.

The official teaser trailer for Delicious in Dungeon was then released along with the anime's main cast and staff in May of 2023.
Asuna Tomari, who plays Chilchuck, kept her involvement with Delicious in Dungeon a secret from even her own family.

“I only told them the time of the release and that ‘something’ would happen.” she explained.

Kentaro Kumagai, who plays Laios, talked about how nervous he was when the official teaser was released.

“I was the only one of Laios' party members (Sayaka Sembongi as Marcille, Asuna Tomari as Chilchuck, and Hiroshi Naka as Senshi) who had an X (Twitter) account, so it fell on my shoulders to announce the teaser. The responsibility felt so great that my hands were shaking as I posted the tweet.”
The conversation then shifted to the topic of auditions. Kentaro Kumagai and Asuna Tomari shared how they were first selected from an audition reel, followed by an in-studio audition, and finally a four-person cold read with the other main party members.

Yoshihiro Miyajima went on to explain, “I picked Kentaro Kumagai for the role of Laios because of how he managed to sort of drift among the four party members, in a good way. I felt it wouldn't be quite right for the production if the four of them got along too well from the start. Kentaro Kumagai had just the right amount of distance with everyone.”

Lastly, the cast and crew each shared their personal highlights from the first two episodes:
“When Chilchuck and Senshi are cooking kakiage (vegetable fritters) and the oil splashes out of the pan and Laios keels over in agony.” – Kentaro Kumagai
“The scene where Marcille tries the food, which is also in the teaser.” – Asuna Tomari
“The way Marcille eats.” - Kazufumi Kikushima
And Director Yoshihiro Miyajima's favorite part - “Everything.”

Lastly, Kentaro Kumagai left fans with a message: “There's still a bit of time left before the show airs, so please be sure to watch and circulate the teaser as much as you can.” The teaser trailer has already received 1.1 million views and is expected to garner an even greater viewership by the time the show airs.

The three speakers on the 15th were Sayaka Sembongi (Marcille), Director Yoshihiro Miyajima and Producer Kazufumi Kikushima. Sayaka Sembongi remarked her eagerness for the role, “From the moment I read the manga I knew I wanted to play Marcille.” Both Director Yoshihiro Miyajima and Producer Kazufumi Kikushima knew Sayaka Sembongi was the right choice from early on as well. “I wanted to cast Sayaka Sembongi as Marcille as soon as I saw her audition reel.” said Yoshihiro Miyajima. “We came to a consensus pretty much immediately.” Kazufumi Kikushima agreed.
As for Sayaka Sembongi's personal highlights from the first two episodes:

“In the first episode, the focus is more on Laios and Senshi, with Marcille still being relatively uncooperative, but in the second episode her narrative starts to move forward so I felt the pressure on myself to play her well and move the story along. There's a scene where she casts a spell, and another where she uproots a mandrake, for example. In that sense I have a pretty strong attachment to episode two.”

Studio TRIGGER is still hard at work animating the Delicious in Dungeon series. Inspired by the cast's performance, the animation team continues to strive to deliver an anime of even greater quality. The advance screenings only heightened expectations for fans as they excitedly await the full series premiere in January 2024.

Written by Hidekuni Shida
Photographs by Shinji Okawa

-----About Delicious in Dungeon-----

Watch the newest Delicious in Dungeon Anime Trailer here:

Delicious in Dungeon. That is, “to eat”, or “to be eaten” ―――

Within the depths of the dungeon, his younger sister was eaten by a Red Dragon – and adventurer Laios barely made it back to the surface with his life.

He attempts the dungeon again, but money and food are deep within its bowels…
Faced with the critical situation where his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides:
“Food shall be self-providing from within the dungeon!”

Slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons!
While eating those that attack you, aim to traverse the dungeons, adventurer!

Author: Ryoko Kui (Delicious in Dungeon / KADOKAWA)
Director: Yoshihiro Miyajima
Story Editor: Kimiko Ueno
Character Design: Naoki Takeda
Music Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
Animation Production: TRIGGER

Opening Song:
BUMP OF CHICKEN “Sleep Walking Orchestra”

Kentaro Kumagai as “Laios”
Sayaka Sembongi as “Marcille”
Asuna Tomari as “Chilchuck”
Hiroshi Naka as “Senshi”
Saori Hayami as “Falin”
Akira Miki as “Namari”
Shinji Kawada as “Shuro”

Official Platforms:
Japanese Website: https://delicious-in-dungeon.com/
English Webpage: https://delicious-in-dungeon.com/special-abroad/
English Twitter: https://twitter.com/dun_meshi_en

Streaming Information:
Coming to Netflix in January 2024

©Ryoko Kui,KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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