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Define Humanity in Sci-Fi Horror Adventure 'Boyhood's End,' Coming to Early Access Sept. 6th

TOKYO - May 25th, 2024 – Boyhood's End, the episodic sci-fi puzzle-filled horror adventure published by Alliance Arts and co-developed by both WSS Playground and buriki clock, time-travels onto PC via Steam Early Access September 6th, 2024.

In a future where a mechanical overlord known as “R. Karellen” rules the world, the definition of humanity takes an unexpected turn. The omniscient AI assigns “human scores” to the public, determining careers, daily meals, and even romantic partners. Upon receiving the lowest human score across the human race, young Giovanni faces relentless bullying at school, but a chance encounter with senior student Campanella blossoms into an uncanny sci-fi adventure.

Embark on a quest to become more human that evolves from a simple train ride into an intergalactic puzzle-filled escapade through space and time. Defy conventions with the help of Campanella and discover why the senior student's thrill-seeking genius earned him the highest human score around and the highest score deduction due to his often out-of-pocket behavior.

Journey through time from an advanced AI-filled future back to modern times, when humans used to write their own programs. Archaic! Explore and interact with physical and digital dystopias, and use Giovanni's ancient coding skills to unlock shady side gigs from the dark web. Pull reckless pranks on legendary 21st-century leaders.

As Giovanni and Campanella encounter historic figures and numerous horrors across various time periods, should they continue their fourth-dimensional escapade? Or go back to their AI-controlled reality as their childhood comes to an end? Experience a hand-drawn, pixelated coming-of-age visual novel filled with beautifully animated cutscenes.

Boyhood's End arrives on PC via Steam Early Access on September 6th, 2024 with language and subtitle options in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Boyhood's End contains some limited violent scenes. For more information, please visit the official WSS Playground website, and visit WSS Playground on Twitter.

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