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It's that special time of year once again. Snow falls, lights shine, and holiday shopping begins! 2014 has been a fantastic year for anime, with the release of new smash hits like Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, as well as the revival of old classics like Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and more. Here's a guide with 12 of the biggest anime titles of the year to get you started on your holiday anime shopping. No matter what your taste in anime is, there's something for everyone at Right Stuf!

Attack on Titan

There's a reason this anime has gotten so much enthusiasm: Attack on Titan does not pull its punches. The show gets right in your face with the immediacy and horror of the situation. You're hooked in right away as you bond with young Eren, Mikasa, and others. Fully exploring the desperate and frightened state humanity has been reduced to, you grow as furious at the relentless, unfeeling Titans as the characters do by the end of the first few episodes. Wrapped in mystery without feeling unnecessarily complicated, Attack on Titan is packed with compelling characters, gorgeous action sequences, and striking imagery of horror, tragedy, and determination.

Sailor Moon

Do you have a Sailor Moon fan on your holiday shopping list this year? Don't worry, we've got the perfect gift for them. They'll love the Limited Edition Sailor Moon Set 1 collection from! This collection comes with an 88-page artbook, a gorgeous shimmery artbox and tons of extras! It truly is a gift every Sailor Moon fan will love! Sailor Moon isn't just the champion of justice, she's also an amazing friend! Be an amazing friend like Sailor Moon and treat your best friend to this great box set!

Hellsing Ultimate

When we recommend an anime, we often try to focus on intriguing themes or story elements. With Hellsing Ultimate, just sit back and enjoy the ride. This 10-episode OVA series about a British organization that eliminates undead threats manages to get more enjoyably ridiculous each episode, with spectacular battles, supernatural oddities, and gore like you've never seen. Piercing through all the insanity is the trio of main characters – Vampire Alucard, his master Integra, and his protégé Seras Victoria – that show surprising level of sophistication and depth for a series that also features a German vampire cat-boy who is both everywhere and nowhere. With Hellsing Ultimate, expect the unexpected.


This summer, Toradora was voted by fans as the best romance anime of all time. NIS America also re-released a brand new collection featuring a new dub and amazing extras. That means now would be perfect time to buy Toradora for the romantic person in your life. What makes Toradora so great? How about the incredible story, amazing character development and the lasting friendships? Toradora is just on a whole other playing field when it comes to romance anime.

Kill la Kill

It's clear by the first minute that Kill la Kill has a style all its own, with a high school history lesson immediately interrupted by the hulking, brutish Ira Gamagoori blasting into the classroom, hulking over the students, ready for battle with a spy from another school. With its stylized action and uniquely comedic visuals, Kill la Kill is a highly entertaining series. But more than that, Kill la Kill explores the ideas of fashion as a means of empowerment, objectification, and control. It's one of the most fan-service-y shows to date, but there's much more going on beneath the surface. The limited editions come with tons of special extras like soundtrack CDs and Making-Of DVDs!

Ranma ½

Classic anime is making a comeback this year and that includes Ranma ½. Every anime fan will enjoy this great comedy from the 90's. From the very first scene of Ranma ½ you can tell this anime is going to hold your attention until the very end. This show has action, adventure, comedy and even a little bit of romance. Nothing in Ranma's life as a martial arts student is ordinary, especially when he is cursed to turn into a girl every time he is splashed with cold water. Get ready to watch as Ranma tries to break his curse and get stuck in some pretty hilarious situations along the way.

Space Adventure Cobra

Space Adventure Cobra thrives on the ridiculous. Beginning with a Jason Bourne-esque origin story, Cobra quickly shifts to a more James Bond-like approach, all laced with plenty of sci-fi action. Cobra explores distant planets searching for treasure, takes on other notorious space pirates, and of course, saves the ladies. Cobra's weapon of choice is the Psycho Gun, which fires sweet space lasers from his arm and never fails to strike its target! From the initial arc about Cobra's search for a captured woman to an arc that forces Cobra to infiltrate a drug ring by joining a sports team, you never know what's going to happen in Space Adventure Cobra!

Cardcaptor Sakura

Old school magical girl anime is a HOT trend this year. If you have a magical girl fan on your holiday shopping list, Cardcaptor Sakura is the way to go. Cardcaptor Sakura is well known for its amazing artwork and lighthearted storytelling! Throughout the series you'll discover how Sakura's love for her family and friends helps her defeat the Clow Cards. Every episode of Cardcaptor Sakura features a brand new adventure! The Cardcaptor Sakura Complete Series Premium Edition release also comes with a 76-page full-color artbook!


Watamote will have you both laughing and cringing with delight. A freshman in high school, Tomoko Kuroki has made it her mission to become extraordinarily popular. The only problem: she suffers from crippling social anxiety. On one hand, you'll watch and hope that things go well for her, but on the other you'll revel in her inevitable failures and bad luck. Regardless of whether Tomoko achieves popularity, it's a blast watching her try and you certainly won't regret joining her on this mission!

Samurai Bride

This sequel series to Samurai Girls came out in North America this summer, and it begins a bit after the events of the first series, with Muneakira Yagyu returning to the dojo… only to discover that financial problems forced the girls to turn the place into a maid café! Samurai Bride is packed with funny character interactions and plenty of fanservice, but it's also filled with clever action beats, special transformation sequences, and a darkly surreal atmosphere during its high-tension moments. No matter what you look for in an anime, chances are Samurai Bride has got it.

Puella Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion-

A worthy continuation of the incredible Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, “Rebellion” picks up where the 12-episode series left off. The dynamic of power between Magical Girls, Witches, and Incubators has been shifted dramatically, but it's a difficult balance to maintain. Homura Akemi and more Magical Girls must brave new threats, and deal with the return of old enemies as well. “Rebellion” is a fantastically compelling story focused on its heroines facing the darkness of their world, with a shocking twist that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye is a fun, female-centric show from the 80s about three sisters - Hitomi, Rui, and Ai - who run a café during the day, but at night moonlight as Cat's Eye, Japan's most wanted art thieves. The pieces of art Cat's Eye are after are all connected, with each piece providing a clue to the sisters' missing father, a painter who went missing years ago. As Cat's Eye works to acquire more of their father's art, they must also work to avoid being caught by Detective Toshio Utsumi. He's the cop assigned to their case, as well as Hitomi's boyfriend. And when Toshio also starts developing feelings for Hitomi's Cat's Eye persona, things get even more complicated. This two-season, 73-episode series makes for great fun, with thieving action, compelling mystery, complicated romance, and a dash of comedy as well.

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