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Error in Armitage: Dual-Matrix Japanese cast credits

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 6:52 pm Reply with quote
I don't have any source for this (can't seem to find anything for minor voice roles in this movie), but there are some entries that look rather suspicious here that I need to note:

Hiroaki Ishikawa as Minaho Ichiki
Katsuhisa Hohi as Mami Horihoshi
Kenta Miyake as Masaru Motegi
Masaho Jo as Han Tanaka
Masaru Hachinohe as Asami Muhaidono
Yuko Haida as Shinji Kawada

With all of these, it looks like there's a seiyuu name on both sides. I'm assuming these were all additional voice credits that got clumped together somehow when being entered in.

There's no way to back it up (as again I don't have a source), but also I'm quite certain these names are misspelled as well:

Minaho Ichiki -> Minako ICHIKI
Katsuhisa Hohi -> Katsuhisa HOUKI
Mami Horihoshi -> Mami HORIKOSHI
Masaho Jo -> Masako JOH
Han Tanaka -> Kan TANAKA
Asami Muhaidono -> Asami MUKAIDONO
Yuko Haida -> Yuko KAIDA

All of these errors (including "Iemasa Hayumi" which I've already noted in duplicate people) were made in the same way ("k" being mistakenly replaced by "h"), so I'm assuming they're all just typos EDIT: Or more likely, now that I think about it, maybe the source the contributer got it from had a text that made "h" hard to tell from "k". If credits were very small and all-caps I could see how that mistake would be made. I've had my share of troubles with hard-to-read credits (like good ol' Nelvana with "Cardcaptors: The Movie" Rolling Eyes)
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