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INTEREST: Overlord Author Kugane Maruyama Expresses Frustration at Fan Translations

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:51 am Reply with quote
I feel bad for Maruyama, he feels the piracy is the primary reason why he has to shutdown his story. Which is sad, I only read fan translated stuff when it's NOT available to the west.
That be said, alot of the manga translations done in west don't quite match up to what was done in manga. Thus i have bigger issue with it.

That be said, he feels he's being robbed by piracy in general. I've noticed there not been as many mangas coming out as they used to. Heck i see South Korean ones now offered more than the Japanese ones.

That be said, it's sad he rather kill entire story. I still in the camp that pirate fan translations get's people interested in manga in the first place. I'd hate wait years and some cases decades for a popular manga or chapters to come to the west just so i can be interested what could be a dead manga series.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:37 pm Reply with quote
This is a BS excuse. The real reason is that he is running out of steam for his plots. Overlord has been going downhill since it peaked at season 1. A lot of irrelevant story branching that doesn't go anywhere, and removing the main character from the center stage of the story.

This is quite common for authors that create a character that is too overpowered, they essentially write themselves into a corner. Any day now he will come up with a version of "kryptonite", just so that the main character can participate to some degree.

I also thought that manga writers made their money off of the Japanese audience. Anything on top of that is just an added bonus. I guess if he held off on publishing in Japan until the official translation is out, then I could grant that he has a point, but of course he would never do that. The problem is not the fan translations, its the business model. I guess that comes with the territory.
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