Japanese Pork Gets Bishonen-Laden Online Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

There are two lines of thought in for merchandising in Japan: stick a cute girl on it or stick a pretty boy on it. Japan's Silky Pork has settled on the latter to sell more pounds of meat. The company created a tie-in online manga titled Four Men of Pigs: The Silky Porco Story starring, as the name implies, four gorgeous men involved in pig farming.

Rocket News translated the story synopsis:

The story follows Silky Porco, a wealthy pig farmer in Italy. It was decided that he set out in search of the ‘Pig of Happiness’ in accordance with ‘The Legend of Porco House’ passed down from his ancestor Susu Porco. His instructions are to find the ‘Four Men of Pigs’ using the keywords star, knife, and golden land. His first destination is Japan.

It is said that the Pig of Happiness can be found by uniting the power of the Four Men of Pigs. However, the road is quickly getting steeper and full of mysteries. Will we find the identity of the Pig of Happiness in the end? Start reading all 10 chapters to find out!

Silky Pork is promoting the manga with sticker ads on its meat products. They, of course, feature one of the handsome male characters saying "If you buy this pig meat, I'll give you a kiss."

What else could a girl ask for! How about the chance to win non-oil meat fryer? The company is also hosting a Twitter campaign to giveaway 50 fryers over two seasonal Twitter campaigns. Consider it an added bonus after buying all that pork.

[Via Rocket News 24]

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