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Naruto Art Exhibit Collaborates With Roppongi Hills

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Ninja village promotion to feature character images, manga-inspired food

The official website for the Naruto-ten art exhibit announced on Monday that Tokyo's Roppongi Hills commercial complex will hold the "Roppongi Shinobi no Sato" (Roppongi Ninja Village) event from April 25 to June 28. The collaborative event promotes the art exhibit that will also run in Roppongi Hills' Mori Arts Center Gallery during the same period.

Images of Naruto characters will be displayed in about 30 locations throughout Roppongi Hills. Fans will be able to take pictures with their favorite characters.

People can also use the "Naruto-ten Roppongi no Sato App" to collect digital stamps at the character locations. Visitors can use their mobile devices to scan QR codes next to the character images and collect scrolls. People who collect all the scrolls will be eligible to become Hokage. Candidates can enter into a drawing to choose one winner whose likeness will appear beside the other Hokage on Hokage Rock in the app and on the exhibit website.

The "Genjutsu・AR Hokage no Jutsu" campaign will also allow visitors to use the app to create an augmented-reality (AR) image of Hokage Rock over Roppongi Hills' Metro Hat building. The promotion will run from April 21 to May 3.

27 restaurants in Roppongi Hills will feature Naruto-inspired menu items during the event. Dishes will include the "Hidden Leaf Village's Spicy Shuriken Calzone" (pictured above) and the "Land of Fire Flaming Naval Battle Pho." Roppongi Hills will also hold a poll for fans to vote for the best Ichiraku ramen that five restaurants will serve. Ichiraku is Naruto's favorite ramen shop in the original manga's story. Visitors who order a Naruto menu item will receive one of ten special coasters.

The Naruto-ten art exhibit will be held in Tokyo's Mori Arts Center Gallery on the 52nd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower building from April 25 to June 28. The exhibit will then run in Osaka at the Osaka Bunka-kan from July 18 to September 27. A preview of the exhibit ran in the Roppongi Hills West Walk from March 2 to March 4.

Exhibits will include a giant film screen with special footage, a recreation of the desk where Naruto was created, and an exhibit recreating the scene when the prankster Naruto draws graffiti on the Hokages' faces. The musical duo Yoshida Brothers is providing new music for the exhibit's videos.

Those who preorder tickets will receive the Naruto-ten Premium Fan Book Shinden Kaminari no Sho (Naruto Exhibition Premium Fan Book: New Legend - Book of Lightning) book, while all visitors will receive the Naruto-ten Official Guest Book Shinden Kaze no Sho (Naruto Exhibition Official Guest Book: New Legend - Book of Wind). Each book will have 19 pages of new, original manga by Kishimoto himself, as well as "secret contents" for the official Naruto app.

Source: animeanime.jp, Comic Natalie

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