Hideo Kojima Meets Mad Max Creator George Miller

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Admits Miller's great influence on his own work

Hideo Kojima, developer of the Metal Gear video game series, was able to meet with George Miller, creator of the Mad Max film series, while the latter visited Japan on a promotional tour for Mad Max: Fury Road. Kojima has a great deal of respect for Miller, referring to him as a "god," and acknowledged taking much inspiration from the Mad Max movies, which he first saw in high school.

Kojima considers Mad Max 2 one of his top five favorite movies. "My games were made with a lot of genes inherited from George Miller. You might say that because Miller existed, I exist," he explained. "It's not just the dialogue — the silhouettes, clothes, equipment, the way characters move, it's all fantastic. These are all things I used for reference when making games."

Miller signed a Mad Max 2 pamphlet for Kojima.

Miller said that he told himself "'If you can, make a movie that can be enjoyed in Japan without following the subtitles, because film is a visual media. You don't need to explain everything." To Miller's delight, Kojima told him that "Honestly, I didn't think anything could surpass Mad Max 2, but I feel like you've topped yourself with Mad Max: Fury Road."

Miller explains his camera technique in Fury Road.

Kojima went on to say that he hoped for a Max Max video game (although such a game is already under development). Miller expressed interest, saying that his sons were playing Metal Gear Solid and loved it. "We should do it together sometime!" he said. "That'll be really interesting," Kojima replied.

[Via Cinema Today; Image from Twitter]

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