The World God Only Knows Creator Fondly Remembers Manglobe

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"I think it was a studio earnestly dedicated to making good works"

The recent demise of the anime studio Manglobe has stunned Tamiki Wakaki, the original creator of the manga The World God Only Knows, which was adapted into an anime by Manglobe in 2010. In a post on his blog, HoneyDipped, titled "Now I'm Left with Only Good Memories," he expresses his regret at the news and fondly remembers Manglobe as a studio dedicated to producing good work.

Wakaki writes that he hoped the news he heard on September 30 was false at first and asked various people for confirmation without receiving it. He thinks the news was "too sudden" and he cannot believe it. "I hope all the employees find their next job soon," he wrote.

Wakaki goes on to reminisce about the more than three years he worked with Manglobe producing the three seasons and three OAVs of The World God Only Knows. He remembers the excitement he felt each week when he headed to Lower Igusa (near where Manglobe was located); the conversations he had between meetings about anime, idols, and various other topics; recording the radio program in the meeting room; the dedication of Manglobe employees, who sent him materials even during earthquakes. He recalled clashing with staff and even almost fighting with them, but remembers everything as fun in hindsight.

He remembers numerous drinking parties with Takashi Kochiyama, Manglobe's managing director, and exchanging their dreams and anxieties. He considers the anime born from this interaction as "a truly fortunate work" and recalls his pride at seeing Keima, Elsie and Kanon "sparkling on the screen." In the end, he writes, he thinks "it was a studio earnestly dedicated to making good works."

Wakaki concludes by writing that "he can only feel thanks" to Manglobe and remembers that he still has to pick up the key animation from The World God Only Knows' teaser movies.

Manglobe's bankruptcy was preceded by its website shutting down. Its latest project, Genocidal Organ, has been delayed.

[Via HoneyDipped; Image from Otonari Sokuhō]

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