Capcom Cafe Launches Near Tokyo with Monster Hunter Menu

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Meat, parfaits, monster cologne and more

On November 20, the Capcom Cafe, a cafe dedicated to recreating the atmosphere of Capcom's video games through its decor, menu and merchandise, opened in Koshigaya Lake Town, a suburb of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture. It plans to cycle through different Capcom franchises, but for now, it's focused on Monster Hunter, since Monster Hunter X, the new game in the series, will be released on November 28.

Monster Hunter producers Ryōzō Tsujimoto and Shintarō Kojima gave a press conference on November 19 to promote the cafe's opening. They showed off some of its menu items and trinkets and revealed that many of them originated from ideas of the game's staff.

"I'm not small," Tsujimoto says. "It's the meat that's big." Monster Meat: 7,800 yen/$63

Tsujimoto and Kojima show off the sample platter of monster meat: 6,800 yen/$55

Felyne Salisbury steak: 1,700 yen

A curry pie modeled after Felyne Chefs' hats: 1,700 yen/$14

A Scotch egg salad modeled after a Rathalos nest: 1,700 yen

A parfait modeled after the sheep-like Fenny: 1,500 yen/$12

Chocolate Fondue: 2,600 yen/$21

The placemats

A "Potion" made of mint, kiwi, and tonic water: 780 yen/$6.30

A "Demondrug" made of berry jam and spicy ginger ale: 780 yen

Nargacuga cola: 780 yen

Beer: 980 yen/$8


Nargacuga cologne: 4,200 yen/$34

Tamamitsune body lotion: 1,200 yen/$9.75

Dancers' silver necklace: 9,800 yen/$80

A crystal Felyne figure: 28,000 yen/$227

Kojima reveals his Felyne T-shirt: 3,500 yen/$28

Customers can also play a bit of the game before its official release.

The Capcom Cafe is located just outside of the Koshigaya Lake Town station on the third floor of the shopping mall AEON Lake Town kaze; its hours are 9 AM to 10 PM.

[Via and Capcom Cafe official site]

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