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Cruel Angel's Thesis Maintains Its Top Spot as Fav Anisong

posted on by Amanda Ellard

Music information magazine CD & DL Data announced the ranking results of their poll that asked 6,956 people (3,819 men and 3,137 women) in their teens, 20's, and 30's their favorite anime song.

  1. Cruel Angel Thesis / Yoko Takahashi / Neon Genesis Evangelion
  2. Touch / Yoshimi Iwasaki / Touch
  3. Moonlight Densetsu / Dali / Sailor Moon
  4. Makafushigi Adventure / Hiroki Takahashi / Dragon Ball
  5. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA- LA / Hironobu Kageyama / Dragon Ball Z
  6. Sazae-san / Yūko Uno / Sazae-san
  7. We Are! / Hiroshi Kitadani / ONE PIECE
  8. Get Wild / TM NETWORK / City Hunter
  9. Odoru Pompokolin / B.B.Queens / Chibi Maruko-chan
  10. Lion / May'n / Megumi Nakajima / Macross F
  11. Until the World Ends... / WANDS / SLAM DUNK
  12. Butter-Fly / Kōji Wada / Digimon Adventure
  13. Space Battleship Yamato / Isao Sasaki / Space Battleship Yamato
  14. Doraemon no Uta / Kumiko Ōsugi / Doraemon
  15. Anpanman March / Dreaming / Sore Ike! Anpanman
  16. Soul's Refrain / Yoko Takahashi / Neon Genesis Evangelion
  17. Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai / BAAD / SLAM DUNK
  18. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari / supercell / Bakemonogatari
  19. Melissa / Porno Graffitti / Fullmetal Alchemist
  20. Genesis of Aquarion / AKINO / Genesis of Aquarion

The top choices regularly rank as top karaoke choices and in turn are secretly loathed, too. Regardless of the contingent that are tired of hearing Cruel Angel's Thesis, the song's staying power continues.

Comments regarding participants' choice of first place's Cruel Angel Thesis from Evangelion, which was recently re-released in a 10th anniversary edition CD jacket, include "usually, the song is cool" (18 year old male), "it really doesn't have an old feeling; as the song progresses the mood rises" (20 year old woman), "when I listen to this song the images of the anime emerge in my head" (21 year old male), "because I like anime, powerful vocals are good" (31 year old woman).

Second place's Touch from Baseball sports anime Touch seemed to bring up many memories of youth. "I have memories of the song being sung as a high school baseball cheer" (28 year old woman), "I loved the anime and the melody is cool" (37 year old woman), "it seems to be really suited for the era of youth" (37 year old male).

Third place's Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon brought in a lot of female support. "It's a small time popular song I sing even now" (28 year old woman), "it's an anime I love. I used to often pretend I was Sailor Moon" (29 year old woman), "it was the first time I got into anime" (29 year old woman), "I love the adult-like, mysterious melody" (32 year old woman).

Other recent interesting polls include the best anime songs of 2015 and fans' choices for the best anime of Spring 2016 and the most anticipated series for summer 2016.

Megumi Nakajima's name corrected, thanks IceKirby


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