Universal Studios Japan Details This Summer's Shonen Jump Attractions

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Osaka's Universal Studios Japan theme park unveiled all the details of this year's Universal Jump Summer attractions. This year's Shonen Jump collaboration will feature One Piece, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Gintama and run from June 30 to October 1.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan's first One Piece Premier Show. More than one million people have attended the "real live show" since its debut in 2007. The show will feature the story of the "Summit War" arc, which highlights the deep bond between Luffy and Ace. The new show will have an original story exclusive to the park.

A restaurant featuring Sanji's menu of Spanish-style cuisine will debut on June 2. The One Piece Water Battle attraction will let visitors use water guns to participate in a battle between the Big Mom Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates, and it will run until September 3. One Piece merchandise available at the park will include Luffy, Ace, and Marines outfits.

A new Dragon Ball the Real 4D experience will feature a 3DCG film. Goku and friends will face off against Broly God in the 4D experience. The park will offer Senzu Beans and a special Dragon Ball Z-themed ticket holder.

Jōtaro's Stand Star Platinum and DIO's Stand The World will fight in a 4D attraction inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. The World's Time Stop power will feature in a full-CG video in the attraction. The collaboration will offer watches with exclusive Jōtaro and DIO art.

The Shonen Jump campaign will feature the first-ever Gintama "participant-style show attraction." Participants will be able to interact with Gin and his friends. An Elizabeth cake set will be available for hungry fans to purchase.

Shonen Jump fans can participate in a Twitter campaign for a chance to experience the new attractions in advance on June 29. Three types of special Express Passes will also give people who purchase them priority access to the attractions.

Universal Studios Japan's current installment of its Cool Japan attractions includes Attack on Titan The Real, the theme park's second Attack on Titan 4D movie, the Godzilla the Real 4D attraction, a Detective Conan escape game, the Monster Hunter the Real attraction, and the Evangelion XR Ride. The current Cool Japan campaign began on January 13, and it will end on June 25.

The park offered One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Death Note attractions for its Shonen Jump collaboration last year. The promotion helped Universal Studios Japan break August attendance records last year.

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