Shibuya's Disaster Prep Event Hosts Revisions Anime's Mikako Komatsu

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Fuji TV's +Ultra block has two new 3DCG series premiering this year; the Ingress anime adaptation of Niantic's mobile game (which served as the backbone of Pokémon GO) in October and revisions, and entirely original TV series premiering in January.

The story follows Daisuke Dojima who is an overzealous Shonen Jump hero to the point of paranoia. In grade school, he was kidnapped and held hostage by a nameless criminal. His group of friends, just as small and helpless as him, are approached by a pink-haired woman named Melos who offers to help save Daisuke. The mission is a success and the kidnapper is killed. Melos creates a cover story for the children to perpetuate and leaves Daisuke with the message that some time in the future, a great disaster will befall Shibuya and he's the only one that can stop it.

The series setting is likely what inspired a unique collaborative event taking off on September 1. The Shibuya Bosai Fest is a disaster prevention event held annually in Yoyogi Park. The event focuses on relaying information to locals with presentations by disaster prevention experts. The weekend long event will educate attendees on crisis management skills and how to prepare in case of a real disaster.

Of course, the disaster that overtakes Shibuya in revisions is entirely fantastical. Citizens probably don't need to worry about the entire ward getting transported to the year 2388 when real-life scenarios like heat waves and flooding have affected populations throughout Japan just this year.

Still, the anime will take center stage at The Shibuya Bosai Fest on September 1 at 3:35pm JST. The presentation includes Shibuya's mayor Ken Hasebe and voice actress Mikako Komatsu. Komatsu stars in the anime as Melos, a mysterious time traveler.

The first episode of revisions debuted at Anime Expo in July. Netflix will stream the anime exclusively worldwide.

Source: Comic Natalie, Shibuya Bosai Fest

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