180 Attendees Treated in Comic Market's 1st 3 Hours Due to Heat Wave

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The swarms of eager otaku that head to Comic Market, Japan's largest event for selling self-published dōjinshi works, twice per year create jam-packed chaos. Unfortunately for those attending in summer, Japan is known for its heat and humidity in the middle of the year. Japan has recently had a severe heat wave leading to at least 80 deaths, so attendees at this summer's Comiket had to be particularly cautious.

All-Nippon News Network reported on Friday that about 180 people received treatment after not feeling well due to heat in the first three hours of Comic Market. The video below shows the crowds and the impact standing in the hot sun had on visitors.

The high temperature in Tokyo on Friday, the first day of Comic Market 94, reached 34.5 degrees Celcius (about 94.1 degrees Fahrenheit). About 180 people received treatment due to the heat between the event's opening at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Many Comiket attendees stand outside for hours to be early for lines for booths inside the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. However, the massive numbers of visitors also cause many lines to lead outside and around the building even after guests enter the event area. Attendees on Friday reported wheelchairs frequently moving through the crowds to aid the people who needed assistance.

The video above also describes the "Comike Cloud" observed inside Tokyo Big Sight five years ago. These "clouds" probably formed in the convention center after the sweat and moisture from hot attendees who had been standing outside rose inside the building. The cool air from air conditioning likely caused that water to condense and form a cloud-like haze near the ceiling of the event space. Despite the high temperatures, the phenomenon was not reported at Comic Market on Friday.

Sudden rain created a break in the heat wave in Tokyo on Monday. The official Twitter account for the My Hero Academia anime credited the character Denki with unleashing impressive bolts of lightning seen during the downpour.

Sources: All-Nippon News Network's YouTube account via Hachima Kikō

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