Bungō Stray Dogs Boys Study Up at Kochi Literary Museum

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The boys of Bungō Stray Dogs take inspiration from real authors like Edogawa Rampo and Osamu Dazai. The characters are studying up on their historical counterparts with a collaboration at the Kochi Literary Museum.

The first event "The Brilliant Bookshelf of Edogawa Rampo" is focusing on the mystery author's literary achievements with artwork of the Bungō Stray Dogs character hanging out with Edgar Allan Poe. The two authors are connected; Edogawa's pen name is directly taken from Poe's own name.

Edogawa Rampo is the author of famous mystery novels and short stories including "The Man Traveling with the Brocade Portrait" ("Oshie to Tabi Suru Otoko") short story, the Boy Detective Club novels, and "The Caterpillar" short story.

The museum also has original artwork by Bungō Stray Dogs manga artist Sango Harukawa. The art shows Edogawa with Yukichi Fukuzawa.

The Kochi Literary Museum will sell original merchandise featuring the new artwork, hold an illustration display for visitors to browse, and participate in a stamp rally.

The event will run from November 17 to January 14.

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