Singer Aira Yūki, angela Member KATSU Announce Marriage

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Violet Evergarden and A Sister's All You Need's singer Aira Yūki and angela musical group member KATSU announced their marriage on social media on Wednesday.

The pair's joint statement reads that both will continue their musical careers and work to support each other's dreams.

Aira Yūki previously used the name Asuka Katō while working as part of Yuki Kajiura's FictionJunction project. She sang the Elemental Gelade theme song "everlasting song" and later debuted as Aira Yūki in 2007 with the song "colorless wind" for the television anime sola. She has continued to perform anime and game theme songs while also participating in the "Fairy Story" vocal group with fellow FictionJunction alumni Yuuka Nanri.

KATSU is the composer for the musical duo angela. Together with vocalist atsuko, KATSU has worked on theme songs for the K and Fafner anime franchises as well as Valvrave the Liberator, Knights of Sidonia, and Aho-Girl.

Source: Aira Yūki's Twitter account, KATSU's Twitter account via Nijimen

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