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Violet Evergarden (TV)

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Alternative title:
ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: A certain point in time, in the continent of Telesis. The great war which divided the continent into North and South has ended after four years, and the people are welcoming a new generation. Violet Evergarden, a young girl formerly known as “the weapon”, has left the battlefield to start a new life at CH Postal Service. There, she is deeply moved by the work of “Auto Memories Dolls”, who carry people's thoughts and convert them into words. Violet begins her journey as an Auto Memories Doll, and comes face to face with various people's emotions and differing shapes of love. There are words Violet heard on the battlefield, which she cannot forget. These words were given to her by someone she holds dear, more than anyone else. She does not yet know their meaning but she searches to find it.
User Ratings: 656 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 189 votes (sub:128, dub:45, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:13
6 Spanish subtitled
2 French subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Latin American Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
 Excellent: 178 votes (sub:117, dub:46, raw:2, ?:2, others:11
5 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Hungarian subtitled
 Very good: 163 votes (sub:124, dub:31, raw:2, ?:2, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Romanian subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Good: 59 votes (sub:44, dub:9, raw:1, others:5
2 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Decent: 33 votes (sub:28, dub:3, others:2
1 Polish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 So-so: 13 votes (sub:11, dub:2)
 Not really good: 10 votes (sub:10)
 Weak: 6 votes (sub:6)
 Bad: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Awful: 3 votes (sub:2, others:1
1 Polish subtitled
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 996 users, rank: #1230 (of 9518)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.441 (Very good+), std. dev.: 1.5829, rank: #217 (of 9638)
Weighted mean: 8.413 (Very good+), rank: #196 (of 9638) (seen all: 8.51 / seen some: 7.44 / won't finish: 4.26)
Bayesian estimate: 8.393 (Very good+), rank: #95 (of 7236)
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
Vintage: 2018-01-10
Opening Theme:
"Sincerely" by TRUE
Ending Theme:
"Michishirube" (Guidepost) by Minori Chihara
#2: "Believe in..." by Aira Yuki (ep 9)
Insert song:
"Letter" by TRUE (ep 14) 
"The Songstress Aria" by TRUE (ep 14) 
"Violet Snow" by Aira Yuki (ep 13)
Trivia: We have 1
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Violet Evergarden - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) 2020-12-08 (from $32.99)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Violet Evergarden - Complete TV Series [UK] (Blu-ray) 2021-12-13
    Violet Evergarden [UK] [Collector's Edition] (Blu-ray) 2021-04-26
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    Violet Evergarden - The Complete Series [Limited Edition] (BD+DVD) 2020-12-08 (from $799.97)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Director: Haruka Fujita
Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
Reiko Yoshida (8 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 7-10, 13

Takaaki Suzuki (eps 5, 12)
Tatsuhiko Urahata (4 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 14

Eisaku Kawanami (ep 12)
Haruka Fujita (ED; eps 2, 12, 14)
Ichirou Miyoshi (ep 6)
Naoko Yamada (ep 5)
Noriyuki Kitanohara (eps 3, 11)
Shinpei Sawa (ep 8)
Taichi Ishidate (OP; eps 1, 13-14)
Taichi Ogawa (ep 10)
Takuya Yamamura (eps 7, 12)
Yasuhiro Takemoto (eps 4, 9)
Episode Director:
Haruka Fujita (ED; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 13-14

Ichirou Miyoshi (ep 6)
Noriyuki Kitanohara (eps 3, 11)
Shinpei Sawa (5 episodes
eps 1, 4-5, 8, 12

Taichi Ishidate (OP; eps 1, 13-14)
Taichi Ogawa (eps 10, 14)
Takuya Yamamura (eps 7, 12)
Yasuhiro Takemoto (ep 9)
Music: Evan Call
Original creator: Kana Akatsuki
Original Character Design: Akiko Takase
Character Design: Akiko Takase
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe
Chief Animation Director: Akiko Takase
Animation Director:
Akiko Takase (OP, ED; OP; ED; eps 1, 14)
Chiyoko Ueno (eps 2, 5, 7, 12)
Kazumi Ikeda (ep 12)
Kohei Okamura (eps 8-9)
Miku Kadowaki (eps 7, 12-13)
Nobuaki Maruki (5 episodes
eps 1, 10, 12-14

Shoko Ikeda (eps 11-12)
Tatsunari Maruko (5 episodes
eps 1, 9, 11, 13-14

Yuki Tsunoda (5 episodes
eps 4, 6-7, 13-14

Yuko Myouken (eps 1, 3, 11)
3D Director: Rin Yamamoto
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Director of Photography: Kōhei Funamoto
Accessory Setting:
Hiroyuki Takahashi
Minoru Ōta
Art And Literature: Haruna Matsuda
Art Setting: Joji Unoguchi
Assistant producer:
Sui Nonoue
Tomoki Ueda
Background Art:
Ayami Hidaka (Anime Workshop Basara; eps 8, 10)
Etsuko Abe (Anime Workshop Basara; eps 8, 10, 14)
Ikuko Tamine (8 episodes
eps 1-9 odd, 12-14

Ji Hee Kim (Studio Blue; 7 episodes
eps 2, 4, 6, 10-11, 13-14

Joji Unoguchi (eps 5, 9-14)
Jung Ah Park (Studio Blue; 7 episodes
eps 2, 4, 6, 10-11, 13-14

Kazuki Ikeda (Anime Workshop Basara; eps 8, 10, 14)
Manae Yamatogi (8 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 7, 10, 12-14

Marie Kitai (Anime Workshop Basara; eps 8, 10, 14)
Mi Jin Lee (Studio Blue; 7 episodes
eps 2, 4, 6, 10-11, 13-14

Mikiko Watanabe (OP, ED; 8 episodes
eps 1, 3, 7, 9-10, 12-14

Miyuki Hiratoko (7 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7, 9, 12-14

Momoka Nagatani (8 episodes
eps 1, 3-5, 7, 9-10, 14

Mutsuo Shinohara (eps 1, 7, 14)
Naoki Hosokawa (8 episodes
eps 2, 4-6, 10-11, 13-14

Nozomi Ōishi (7 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7, 9-10, 12-13

Ryōko Yamada (4 episodes
eps 1, 3, 10, 12

Sagako Itakura (Anime Workshop Basara; 4 episodes
eps 8, 10, 13-14

Sayaka Ichiyama (8 episodes
eps 3-9 odd, 10, 12-14

Shingo Kasai (9 episodes
eps 1, 3, 5-7, 9-10, 12-13

Shōko Ochiai (7 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7, 9-10, 12-13

Shūhei Okude (9 episodes
eps 1-9 odd, 10, 12-14

Sun Yeo Heo (ep 11)
Tomoki Hiraishi (8 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7-8, 10, 12-14

Toru Hasegawa (8 episodes
eps 1-9 odd, 10, 12-13

Uchiyama Shuuya (ep 14)
Color Check:
Akiyo Takeda (ep 13)
Azumi Kubo (ep 10)
Fuyuki Ohtsuka (eps 3, 11, 14)
Kana Miyata (eps 1, 4, 6, 12)
Naomi Ishida (eps 2, 5, 8)
Naomi Takahashi (eps 7, 9)
Yūka Yoneda (OP, ED; ep 1)
Color design: Yūka Yoneda
Editing: Kengo Shigemura
Finish Animation:
Aya Toyosawa (eps 4, 8, 12)
Ayumi Shimoura (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Ayumi Yamamori (eps 4, 8, 12)
Chieko Okumura (eps 4, 8, 12)
Emi Ebisu (eps 4, 8, 12)
Erika Nishiyama (eps 3, 7, 11)
Hitomi Imaizumi (4 episodes
eps 2, 6, 10, 14

Ikuna Ōhashi (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Kaeko Maki (4 episodes
eps 2, 6, 10, 14

Mayumi Nagayasu (eps 3, 7, 11)
Mihoko Eda (eps 2, 6, 10)
Nanako Kitaoka (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Norie Ōtō (4 episodes
eps 2, 6, 10, 14

Rie Takagi (4 episodes
eps 2, 6, 10, 14

Rina Sasaki (eps 4, 8, 12)
Sachie Tsuda (eps 3, 7, 11)
Shizuko Kanbara (eps 7, 11)
Shōko Doi (eps 4, 8, 12)
Shoko Sasaki (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Tomoko Shima (4 episodes
eps 2, 6, 10, 14

Yasumi Kawai (eps 3, 7, 11)
Youko Shukuya (eps 3, 7, 11)
Yūki Mori (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Yuki Semori (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Finish Check:
Akiyo Takeda (ep 13)
Azumi Kubo (ep 10)
Fuyuki Ohtsuka (eps 3, 11, 14)
Kana Miyata (eps 1, 4, 6, 12)
Naomi Ishida (eps 2, 5, 8)
Naomi Takahashi (eps 7, 9)
Yūka Yoneda (OP, ED; ep 1)
In-Between Animation:
Atsushi Miyaji (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 14

Aya Satō (eps 4, 9, 14)
Chitose Nakamine (eps 1, 6, 11)
Emi Nakano (eps 3, 7, 12)
Fumiyasu Kodaka (eps 3, 7, 12)
Hana Hosoda (eps 3, 7, 12)
Hiroko Kuroda (eps 4, 9)
Kaori Furukawa (eps 8, 13)
Kazuhiko Horikawa (eps 8, 13)
Kenji Murayama (eps 4, 9, 14)
Maki Inoue (eps 8, 13)
Manami Natsumeda (eps 1, 6, 11)
Minako Usugi (eps 8, 13)
Motoki Matsumura (eps 8, 13)
Naoki Nakanishi (eps 4, 9, 14)
Naoko Fujita (eps 3, 7, 12)
Natsumi Tada (eps 1, 6, 11)
Noriko Kashihara (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 14

Teruyoshi Shidou (eps 1, 6, 11)
Youhei Kawasaki (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 14

Yumiko Hashi (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 14

Yuuki Noguchi (eps 8, 13)
In-Between Check:
Emi Nakano (eps 2, 5, 11)
Hiroko Kuroda (OP, ED; eps 1, 8, 13-14)
Motoki Matsumura (eps 7, 10)
Naoko Fujita (eps 4, 9)
Yumiko Hashi (eps 3, 6, 12)
Insert Song Arrangement:
Evan Call (ep 14)
Satomi Kawasaki (ep 13)
Insert Song Composition:
Evan Call ("The Songstress Aria"; ep 14)
Satomi Kawasaki (ep 13)
Shōta Horie ("Letter"; ep 14)
Insert Song Lyrics:
Emi Nishida (ep 13)
Evan Call ("The Songstress Aria"; ep 14)
Miho Karasawa ("Letter"; ep 14)
Insert Song Performance:
Aira Yūki (ep 13)
True (ep 14)
Key Animation:
Akiko Takase (OP)
Ami Kuriki (eps 9, 14)
Aoi Matsumoto (4 episodes
eps 3, 5, 12, 14

Aoi Okuno (eps 3, 5, 12)
Chiharu Kuroda (5 episodes
eps 1-2, 8, 13-14

Chinatsu Kamo (eps 4, 6, 13-14)
Chiyoko Ueno (eps 5, 14)
Fumie Okano (4 episodes
eps 3, 5, 12, 14

Fumio Tada (eps 8, 10, 13)
Haruka Fujita (ED)
Hidehiro Asama (eps 4, 6, 13)
Hiroshi Karata (eps 9, 11, 14)
Hiroyuki Takahashi (ep 11)
Kayo Hikiyama (eps 7, 10)
Keita Nagahara (ep 7)
Kohei Okamura (eps 1-2, 8)
Kōta Satō (5 episodes
eps 4, 6, 8, 13-14

Kunihiro Hane (4 episodes
eps 1, 9, 11, 13

Kyōhei Andō (5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 5, 12, 14

Maiko Hado (ep 7)
Mariko Takahashi (ep 11)
Minoru Ōta (eps 7, 12)
Momoka Yoshizaki (eps 7, 10)
Nami Iwasaki (6 episodes
eps 1, 4, 6, 8, 13-14

Nobuaki Maruki (ep 8)
Rie Sezaki (ep 2)
Ryo Miyaki (eps 4, 6, 13-14)
Ryōsuke Shirakawa (eps 5, 9, 11)
Ryouhei Muta (eps 7, 10)
Sae Sawada (ep 9)
Saeko Fujita (4 episodes
eps 5, 9, 11, 13

Sana Suzuki (5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 5, 12, 14

Sayaka Watanabe (5 episodes
eps 2, 8, 10, 13-14

Seiichi Akitake (5 episodes
eps 1-2, 8, 10, 14

Seiya Kumano (eps 7, 10-11)
Shiho Morisaki (eps 9, 14)
Shinpei Sawa (eps 1, 4, 8, 12)
Sumire Kusano (eps 5, 9, 11)
Taichi Ishidate (OP)
Taira Yamaguchi (eps 1-2, 8, 14)
Takuya Yamamura (ep 12)
Tatsuya Satou (eps 7, 10, 12)
Tomomi Satō (eps 7, 10)
Yoshinori Urata (eps 3, 5, 12)
Yuki Tsunoda (ep 4)
Yuki Yokoyama (eps 9, 13)
Yurika Oono (eps 7, 10)
Music producer: Shigeru Saitō
Online Editing Manager: Takayuki Tabata
Planning Cooperation:
Shō Takahashi
Yoshimi Nakajima
Planning Producer: Hideaki Hatta
Production manager:
Anna Asano (ep 14)
Keisuke Yokota (ep 7)
Mika Cho (ep 9)
Ryōji Ogawa (ep 8)
Saki Yasuda (eps 10, 12)
Takahisa Fujita (7 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13

Yūka Furukawa (eps 3, 5)
Publicity: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Publicity Producer: Yasushi Miwa
Recording: Satoshi Yano
Recording Assistant: Mai Sunaba
Setting Manager: Kazuki Kurihara
Sound Effects: Hiromune Kurahashi
Sound Production Manager: Tomomi Yano
Special Effects: Rina Miura
Theme Song Arrangement:
Daisuke Kikuta (ED)
Evan Call (OP, ED 2)
Shōta Horie (OP)
Theme Song Composition:
Daisuke Kikuta (ED)
Evan Call (ED 2)
Shōta Horie (OP)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Aira Yūki (ED 2)
Minori Chihara (ED 2)
True (OP)
Theme Song Performance:
Aira Yūki (ED 2)
Minori Chihara (ED)
True (OP)
World Setting: Takaaki Suzuki
Yui Ishikawa as Violet Evergarden

Aya Endo as Cattleya Baudelaire
Aya Saitō as Nerine
Daisuke Namikawa as Gilbert Bougainvillea
Haruka Tomatsu as Iris Cannary
Hidenobu Kiuchi as Dietfried Bougainvillea
Kōki Uchiyama as Benedict Bleu
Minori Chihara as Erica Brown
Naoya Nosaka as Oliver
Rie Hikisaka as Lilian
Takehito Koyasu as Claudia Hodgins
Toshiko Sawada as Tiffany Evergarden

Aya Saitō as
boy (ep 9)
child (ep 12)
woman (ep 5)
Ayako Kawasumi as Clara Magnolia (ep 10)
Azusa Tadokoro as Luculia Marlborough (eps 3, 6)
Chikahiro Kobayashi as Toby Selwyn (ep 11)
Daisuke Yokota as
Kyle Zoenig (ep 6)
soldier (ep 12)
Gara Takashima as Mrs. Bougainvillea (ep 13)
Haruo Yamagishi as army colonel (ep 8)
Ikuji Nose as
father (ep 12)
Jonas Graham (ep 11)
Jun Miyamoto as bar owner (ep 3)
Kengo Tsujii as
army soldier (ep 8)
Fluegel messenger soldier (ep 5)
Russell Bailey (ep 11)
Kenjiro Tsuda as Damian Baldur Fluegel (ep 5)
Kousei Hirota as Merkulov (eps 12-13)
Mami Horikoshi as Eris (ep 10)
Mami Koyama as Alberta (ep 5)
Mari Doi as
Aidan’s mother (ep 11)
Ibelis Conway (eps 3, 6)
Iris' aunt (ep 4)
landlady (ep 8)
Marika Hayashi as Nanny
Megumi Nakajima as Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel (ep 5)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as Lebelier (ep 6)
Naoya Nosaka as
staff member (ep 6)
subordinate (ep 2)
Rie Hikisaka as
Iris's niece (ep 4) 
woman (ep 5)
Riki Kagami as
army major general (ep 8)
Eckhart Munter (eps 5, 12)
male guest (ep 13)
Roland (eps 2, 9)
Ryou Miyamoto as bar owner (ep 3)
Satoshi Mikami as Isidor (eps 11-13)
Satoshi Taki as Oscar Webster (ep 7)
Sayaka Senbongi as Olivia Webster (ep 7)
Shintarō Asanuma as Aiden Field (ep 11)
Shouko Yuzuki as Bluebell Junoa (ep 3)
Shunsuke Sakuya as Illias Vandal (eps 11-12)
Subaru Kimura as Spencer Marlborough (eps 3, 9)
Sumire Morohoshi as Anne Magnolia (ep 10)
Susumu Akagi as Lindzy Nicks (ep 11)
Takayuki Miyamoto as
Gardarik soldier (ep 9)
Iris's uncle (ep 4)
navy soldier (ep 8)
stage actor (ep 7)
Takuma Sasaki as
navy officer cadet (ep 12)
Yale Coster (ep 11)
Takuya Inagaki as
Drossel soldier (ep 5)
Emonn Snow (ep 4)
engineer (ep 13)
Gardarik soldier (ep 9)
male bar patron (ep 3)
male client (ep 2)
Mikhail Lucent (ep 11)
navy adjutant (ep 12)
navy soldier (ep 8)
relative (ep 10)
staff member (ep 6)
stage actor (ep 7)
Wakana Kowaka as relative (ep 10)
Yasunori Matsumoto as Iris' father (ep 4)
Yōko Hikasa as
Irma Feliche (ep 14) 
Spencer Marlborough (young; ep 3)
Yōko Soumi as Iris' mother (ep 4)
Yukari Nozawa as Rhodanse (ep 3)
Yumi Sudou as Maria (ep 11)
Yurika Aizawa as Bridgette (ep 2)
Yūto Uemura as Leon Stephanotis (ep 6)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
Animation Production Cooperation: Animation DO
Associate Producer: Netflix
Background Art:
Anime Workshop Basara (4 episodes
eps 8, 10, 13-14

Studio Blue (7 episodes
eps 2, 4, 6, 10-11, 13-14

Editing: Studio 2001
Finish Animation:
Studio Blue
xenron (eps 10-13)
In-Between Animation:
Anitus Kōbe (eps 10, 12)
Studio Blue
xenron (eps 10-13)
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Logo Design: Nippon Planning Center
Music Production:
Miracle Bus Co., LTD
Online Editing: Q-Tec
Recording Studio: Studio 2010:
Sound Production: Rakuonsha
English cast
English staff
Script: Megan Buchholz
Hoday Stearns (subtitles)
Sachiko Takahashi (subtitles)
Zensho Yamamoto (subtitles)
Justin Cook (Funimation)
Michael Harcourt (Funimation)

Blu-Ray Authoring: Justin Sevakis (Anime Limited UK fixed release)
Design: din (Anime Limited UK)
Dialogue Director:
Bob Buchholz
Megan Buchholz
Jeremy Graves (Anime Limited UK)
Kerry Kasim (Anime Limited UK)
Lauren McQuade (Anime Limited UK)
President: Andrew Partridge (Anime Limited UK)
Production Team:
Andy Hanley (Anime Limited UK)
Jessica Poce (Anime Limited UK)
Kat Hall (Anime Limited UK)
Keith Copping (Anime Limited UK)
Erika Harlacher as Violet Evergarden

Anne Yatco as Lilian
Ben Pronsky as Benedict Bleu
Cherami Leigh as Iris Cannary
Christine Marie Cabanos as Erica Brown
Johanna Luis as Nerine
Keith Silverstein as Dietfried Bougainvillea
Kyle McCarley as Claudia Hodgins
Reba Buhr as Cattleya Baudelaire
Tony Azzolino as Gilbert Bougainvillea

Anne Yatco as
Bridgette (ep 2)
Iris's Mother (ep 4)
Cassandra Lee as Anne Magnolia (ep 10)
Cherami Leigh as Female Voice D (ep 14)
Christine Marie Cabanos as Female Voice B (ep 14)
Christopher Smith as
Male Staff B (ep 14)
Male Voice B (ep 14)
Doug Erholtz as
Male Staff A (ep 14)
Male Voice A (ep 14)
Roland (eps 2, 9, 14)
Joe Ochman as
General (2 episodes
eps 12, 13 uncredited

Oscar Webster (ep 7 uncredited)
Johnny Yong Bosch as Aiden Field (ep 11)
Karen Strassman as
Female Voice C (ep 14)
Rhodanthe (eps 3, 14)
Kira Buckland as
Luculia Marlborough (eps 3, 6)
Woman (ep 14)
Kyle McCarley as Male Staff C (ep 14)
Nathan Sharp as Toby Selwin (ep 11) 
Reba Buhr as Female Voice A (ep 14)
Wendee Lee as Clara Magnolia (ep 10)
English companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix (English Speaking Countries)
Licensed by:
Anime Limited (UK & Ireland)
FUNimation Entertainment (North America)
Madman Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
Production: SDI Media (english dub)
Recording Studio: SDI Media LA
Korean staff
Korean companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Korean cast
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director: Laurence César
Helena Coppejans as Violet Evergarden

Brieuc Lemaire as Benedict Blue
Claire Tefnin as Erica Brown
Esther Aflalo as Iris Cannary
Gregory Praet as Claudia Hodgins
Julie Basecqz as Cattleya Baudelaire
Maxime Donnay as Gilbert Bougainvillea

Audrey D'Hulstere as Clara Magnolia
Bernadette Mouzon as Mère de Gilbert
Claire Tefnin as Olivia Webster
Delphine De Baere as Mère de Leon Jasmin
Elisabeth Guinand as
Anne Magnolia
Fabienne Loriaux as
Mère d'Iris
Franck Daquin as
Père d'Iris
Jean-Michel Vovk as Lieutenant Merculov
Laetitia Liénart as Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel
Maxime Van Stantfoort as Léon Jasmin
Nicolas Matthys as Oscar Webster
Olivier premel as Aidan Field
Stéphane Pirard as
Dietfried Bougainvillea
Ditfried , Spencer

French companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (France)
Dubbing Studio: SDI Media Belgium
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Gonzalo Faílde (Spain dub)
Script: Mireya Mendoza (LATAM dub)
Translation: Ángeles Fernández (Spain dub)

Dialogue Director: Carla Castañeda (LATAM dub)
Subtitle Translation:
Verónica Souto (Netflix, Latin America)
Virginia Ruiz Gracia (Netflix; Spain)
Andrea Arruti as Violet Evergarden (LATAM dub)
Carlos Hernández as Claudia Hodgins (LATAM dub)
Ruth Pazo Olivares as Violet Evergarden (Spain dub)

Alan Fernando Velázquez as Benedict Bleu (LATAM dub)
Alejandria de los Santos as Nerine (LATAM dub)
Alejandro Orozco as Gilbert Bougainvillea (LATAM dub)
Alejandro Veiga as Gilbert Bougainvillea (Spain dub)
Alondra Hidalgo as Erica Brown (LATAM dub)
Andrea Orozco as Iris Cannary (LATAM dub)
Beatriz Bravo as Iris Cannary (Spain dub)
Carla Castañeda as Cattleya Baudelaire (LATAM dub)
Chelo Díaz as Cattleya Baudelaire (Spain dub)
Doris Vargas as Tiffany Evergarden (LATAM dub)
Gelos Rosado as Benedict Bleu (Spain dub)
Héctor Miranda as Oliver (LATAM dub)
Luz Tellería as Erica Brown (Spain dub)
Monti Castiñeiras as Claudia Hodgins (Spain dub)
Susana Moreno as Lilian (LATAM dub)

Alberto Bernal as
Aiden (LATAM dub; ep 11)
Emonn Snow (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Alejandro Veiga as Amon (Spain dub)
Alicia Taboada as Iris' Aunt (Spain dub)
Ana Ouro as
Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel (Spain dub)
Nerine (Spain dub)
Olivia Webster (Spain dub)
Analiz Sánchez as Iberis Conoway (LATAM dub)
Arturo Castañeda as Leon Stephanotis (LATAM dub; ep 6)
Beatriz Bravo as Maria (Spain dub)
Betzabe Jara as Clara Magnolia (LATAM dub; ep 10)
Carolina Vázquez as
Bridget (Spain dub)
Lilian (Spain dub)
Mrs. Bougainvillea (Spain dub)
Cristal Lázare as Ann Magnolia (Spain dub)
Cristina Aldrey as Ellis (Spain dub)
Damian Cortés as
Isidor (Spain dub; ep 11)
Jan (Spain dub)
Spencer (Spain dub)
Daniel Lema as
Leon Stephanotis (Spain dub)
Yale (Spain dub)
Desiré Pillado as Bluebell (Spain dub)
Edson Matus as Vandal (LATAM dub; eps 11-12)
Enzo Fortuny as Spencer Marlborough (LATAM dub)
Erika Langarica as Bluebell Unoa (LATAM dub)
Estefanía Piedra as
Ann Magnolia (LATAM dub; ep 10)
Olivia Webster (LATAM dub; ep 7)
Francisco Javier Garaboa as
Ars (Spain dub)
Nicks (Spain dub)
Gaspar Somoza as Kyle Zoenig (Spain dub)
Gelos Rosado as
Jonas Graham (Spain dub; ep 11)
Subordinate (Spain dub; ep 2)
Gloria Elena Obregón as
Ellis (LATAM dub; ep 10)
Rhodanthe (LATAM dub; ep 3)
Gonzalo Faílde as
Eckart (Spain dub)
Iris' Father (Spain dub)
Osip (Spain dub)
Russel (Spain dub)
Herman Lopez as Le Verrier (LATAM dub; ep 6)
Iñaki Baliño as Isidor (Spain dub; ep 12)
Irwin Daayan as Dietfried Bougainvillea (LATAM dub)
Javier Olguín as Prince Damian (LATAM dub; ep 5)
Jessica Angeles as Princess Charlotte (LATAM dub; ep 5)
Jocelyn Robles as Bridget (LATAM dub; ep 2)
Jorge Badillo as Merkulov (LATAM dub; eps 12-13)
José Carlos San Segundo as Vandal (Spain dub)
Jose Gilberto Vilchis as Iris' Father (LATAM dub; ep 4)
José Luis Miranda as Iris' Uncle (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Juan Carballido as Lebelier (Spain dub)
Juan Diéguez as Merk (Spain dub)
Julio Lorenzo as Oscar Webster (Spain dub)
Laura Sánchez Vargas as Housekeeper (LATAM dub)
Lourdes Arruti as Luculia Marlborough (LATAM dub)
Luis Eduardo as
Iris' Cousin (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Spencer Marlborough (child; LATAM dub)
Magda Giner as Mrs. Bougainvillea (LATAM dub; ep 12)
Mario Castañeda as Oscar Webster (LATAM dub; ep 7)
Maxo Barjas as
Alberta (Spain dub)
Iris' Mother (Spain dub)
Miriam Aldrey as
Rhodante (Spain dub)
Tiffany Evergarden (Spain dub)
Nacho Castaño as Aidan (Spain dub)
Nora Abad as Luculia Marlborough (Spain dub)
Norberto Vilanova as Mich (Spain dub)
Noriko Takaya as Iris' Aunt (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Pamela Mendoza as Iris' Cousin (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Pedro D'aguillon Jr. as Roland (LATAM dub)
Raul Dans as
Dietfried Bougainvillea (Spain dub)
Oliver (Spain dub)
Raymundo Armijo as Man (LATAM dub)
Rebeca Patiño as Alberta (LATAM dub; ep 5)
Roberto Gutiérrez as Yale (LATAM dub; ep 11)
Roberto Reboiro as Iris' Uncle (Spain dub)
Rocío Pereiras as Clara Magnolia (Spain dub)
Rommy Mendoza as Iris' Mother (LATAM dub; ep 4)
Saidé Garcia as Maria (LATAM dub; ep 11)
Santiago Salorio as Roland (Spain dub)
Sergio Rodríguez-Guisán as
Erem (Spain dub)
Toby (Spain dub)
Susana Leis as
Iberis (Spain dub)
Leon (Spain dub; child)
Victor Ugarte as Isidor (LATAM dub; eps 11-13)

Alejandro Veiga (Spain dub)
Álvaro Salarich (LATAM dub)
Ana Ouro (Spain dub)
Anabel Mendez (LATAM dub)
Armando Coria (LATAM dub)
Armando Morales (LATAM dub)
Beatriz Bravo (Spain dub)
Carolina Vázquez (Spain dub)
César Garduza (LATAM dub)
Chelo Díaz (Spain dub)
Damian Cortés (Spain dub)
Dan Frausto (LATAM dub)
Desiré Pillado (Spain dub)
Edgar Luna (LATAM dub)
Emmanuel Bernal (LATAM dub)
Erick Selim (LATAM dub)
Fidel Garriga Jr. (LATAM dub)
Geezuz Gónzalez (LATAM dub)
Gonzalo Faílde (Spain dub)
Héctor Moreno (LATAM dub)
Humberto Solorzano (LATAM dub)
Ileana Escalante (LATAM dub)
José Luis Miranda (LATAM dub)
Juan Carballido (Spain dub)
Juan Carlos González (LATAM dub)
Laura Sánchez Vargas (LATAM dub)
Lexs Catagno (LATAM dub)
Luz Tellería (Spain dub)
Manuel Pérez (LATAM dub)
Mauricio Pérez (LATAM dub)
Maxo Barjas (Spain dub)
Miriam Aldrey (Spain dub)
Monti Castiñeiras (Spain dub)
Nacho Castaño (Spain dub)
Nora Abad (Spain dub)
Norberto Vilanova (Spain dub)
Noriko (LATAM dub)
Pablo Rafael Moreno (LATAM dub)
Raul Dans (Spain dub)
Raymundo Armijo (LATAM dub)
Roberto Reboiro (Spain dub)
Ruth Toscano (LATAM dub)
Saidé Garcia (LATAM dub)
Santiago Salorio (Spain dub)
Susana Leis (Spain dub)
Suso Álvarez (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Latin America and Spain)
Dubbing Studio:
SDI Media México (LATAM dub)
SDI Media Spain
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Monica Bertolotti

Dialogues: Nicoletta Landi
Emanuela Ionica as Violet Evergarden

Alessio De Filippis as Benedict Blue
Chiara Oliviero as Iris Cannary
Daniela Debolini as Tiffany Evergarden
Daniele Raffaeli as Gilbert Bougainvillea
Eva Padoan as Cattleya Baudelaire
Monica Vulcano as Erica Brown
Niccolò Guidi as Claudia Hodgins

Alessandra Bellini as Luculia Marlborough (ep 3)
Alessandra Korompay as Clara Magnolia (ep 10)
Barbara Sacchelli as Olivia Webster (ep 7)
Davide Capone as Spencer Marlborough (ep 3)
Emiliano Reggente as Oscar Webster (ep 7)
Gabriele Lopez as Damian Baldur Flugel (ep 5)
Giò Giò Rapattoni as Alberta (ep 5)
Leonardo Graziano as Aiden Field (ep 11)
Manuel Meli as Leon Stephanotis (ep 6)
Marco Bassetti as Dietfried Bougainvillea (ep 2)
Maura Cenciarelli as Bridget (ep 2)
Monica Volpe as Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel (ep 5)
Roberta Greganti as Rhodanthe (ep 3)
Valentina Pallavicino as Anne Magnolia (ep 10) 
Italian companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Italian dub)
Dubbing Studio:
SDI Media
SDI Media Italy
Internet Streaming: Netflix
German staff
German cast
Paulina Bohlmann as Violet Evergarden

Benedikt Gutjan as Benedict Blue
Farina Brock as Iris Cannary
Karim El Kammouchi as Claudia Hodgins
Laura Maire as Cattleya Baudelaire
Marcia Von Rebay as Erica Brown
Paul Sedlmeir as Gilbert Bougainvillea

Angelina Markiefka as Nerine (eps 1-2, 13)
Anna Ewelina as Lilian (eps 1-2, 13)
Benjamin Levent Krause as Michael (ep 11)
Bettina Redlich as Iris's Mother (ep 4)
Carin Tietze as Alberta (ep 5)
Carla Reiter as Olivia Webster (ep 7)
Christian Reimer as
Oliver (ep 1)
Roland (eps 2, 9, 14)
Claus Brockmeyer as Lebelier (ep 6)
Dagmar Dempe as Rhodanthe (eps 3, 14)
David Hang as Arseny (ep 11)
Domenic Redl as Yale (ep 11)
Dorothea Anzinger as Housekeeper (ep 8)
Edith Konrad as Saleswoman (ep 8)
Fausto Richter as Eremej (ep 11)
Felix Mayer as Aidan (ep 11)
Felix Strüven as Kyle Zoenig (ep 6)
Franz Strohmeier as Shopkeeper (ep 7)
Gerhard Jilka as Aidan's Father (ep 11)
Jacqueline Belle as Maria (ep 11)
Jochen Paletschek as
Man (ep 1)
Servant (ep 2)
Johannes Raspe as Oscar Webster (ep 7)
Julian Bayer as Osip (ep 11)
Kai Taschner as Nicks (ep 11)
Karl Knaup as Military Officer (ep 8)
Katharina von Daake as Iberis Conoway (eps 3, 6)
Lara Wurmer as Charlotte (ep 5)
Laura Jenni as Ann Magnolia (ep 10)
Lea Kalbhenn as Woman (ep 14)
Leslie-Vanessa Lill as Luculia Marlborough (eps 3, 6, 13-14)
Manfred Trilling as Aldo (ep 14)
Manou Lubowski as Vandal (ep 11)
Marion Hartmann as Tiffany Evergarden (eps 1, 7-8)
Martin Bonvicini as Hugo (ep 14)
Martin Schülke as Guard (ep 8)
Max Felder as Dietfried Bougainvillea (eps 2, 5, 7-8)
Maximilian Belle as
Leon (young; ep 6)
Toby (ep 11)
Mike Carl as Iris's Father (ep 4)
Monika Gerganoff as Ellis (ep 10)
Nils Dienemann as Isidor (ep 11)
Oliver Scheffel as Spencer Marlborough (eps 3, 9)
Pascal Figg as Damian (ep 5)
Patricia Strasburger as
Bluebell Unoa (eps 3, 6)
Iris's Niece (ep 4)
Petra Preuss as Waitress (ep 2)
Philip Schwabeneder as Iris's Nephew (ep 4)
Roman Wolko as Amon Snow (ep 4)
Saskia Haisch as Nurse (ep 1)
Shenja Lacher as Delivery Man (ep 5)
Sophie Rogall as Clara Magnolia (ep 10)
Stefanie Dischinger as Iris's Aunt (ep 4)
Stephanie Kellner as
Bridget (ep 2)
Irma Felice (ep 14)
Tim Schwarzmaier as Leon Stephanotis (ep 6)
Timothy Peach as Admiral (ep 5)
Uta Zaradic as Aidan's Mother (ep 11)
Wolfgang Haas as Salesman (ep 2)

German companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (German dub)
Dubbing: SDI Media Germany (Munich)
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Germany)
Arabic staff
Arabic companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Arabic cast
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Dutch cast
Danish staff
Danish companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Danish cast
Polish staff
Polish companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Polish cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
ADR Director: Renan Alonso
Carlos Freire Jr. (1 - 12)
Joana Miranda (Portugal)
ADR Script: Taïs Reganelli
Executive producer: Gustavo Souza

Administrative Manager: Lutze de Aquino
Financial Manager: Hector Vega
Post Production:
Marcelo Blanck
Rick Palma
Pre-Production: Ricardo Patiri 
Pre-Production Coordination: Javier Nelson
Project Manager: Renato Somera
Scheduling: Beatriz Maríngoli
Alysson Navarro
Paula Amaral (Portugal)
Raissa Bueno as Violet Evergarden

Amanda Moreira as Nerine
Amanda Tavares as Lilian
Beta Cinalli as Erica Brown
Carla Dias as Tiffany Evergarden
Carla Martelli as Cattleya Baudelaire
Jéssica Cardia as Iris Cannary
Luiz Nunes as Oliver
Renan Villela as Gilbert Bougainvillea
Roberto Rodrigues as Benedict Bleu
Tiaggo Guimarães as Claudia Hodgins

Amanda Moreira as Iberis Conoway (ep 3)
Amanda Tavares as
Anne Magnolia (ep 10)
Iris's niece (ep 4)
Princess Charlotte (ep 5)
André Gaiani as Oscar Webster (ep 7)
Bruna Nogueira as Luculia Marlborough
Caio Magalhães as Kyle Zoenig (ep 6)
Carla Dias as
Mrs. Bougainvillea (ep 13)
Rhodanthe (ep 3)
Cátia Massotti as Aiden's mother (ep 11)
Demétrios Augustus as Leon (ep 6)
Digão Vicente as Aiden's father (ep 11)
Edu Rayce as Vandal
Ênio Vivona as
Dietfried Bougainvillea
Iris's uncle (ep 4)
Fernando Ferraz as
Aidan (ep 11)
Man (ep 1)
Gabriela Pellegrino as
Maria (ep 11)
João Vieira as Yale (ep 11)
Josué Galinari as Prince Damian (ep 5)
Luiz Nunes as Iris's father (ep 4)
Luiz Terribele as Bar owner (ep 3)
Mariana Pozatto as
Nurse (ep 1)
Olivia Webster (ep 7)
Waitress (ep 2)
Mário Spatziani as Eckhart Munter
Nagib Akim as
Le Verrier (ep 6)
Natália Ruggiero as Unoa Bluebell
Raquel Elaine as Clara Magnolia (ep 10)
Renan Alonso as
Eamonn (ep 4)
Iris's nephew (ep 4)
Soldier 2 (ep 5)
Spencer Marlborough
Renan Villela as Delivery Man (ep 5)
Rita de Cássia Oliveira as
Eris (ep 10)
Iris's mother (ep 4)
Roberto Rodrigues as Soldier 1 (ep 5)
Rogério Duartti as Shopkeeper (ep 7)
Rogério Ferreira as Merkulov
Tininha Godoy as Alberta (ep 5)
Vitor Paranhos as Isidor

Portuguese companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Brazil)
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil)
Recording Facility: Dubbing Company (Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil)
Subtitles: SDI Media
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Swedish cast

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