Testament of Sister New Devil Storm's Fumihiro Kiso Draws New Manga

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Yūki Miyama writes isekai harem phantom thief manga debuting on June 9

This year's June issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Dragon Age magazine revealed on Saturday that artist Fumihiro Kiso (Testament of Sister New Devil Storm) and author Yūki Miyama are launching a new manga titled Karuma no Skill de Musо̄ Suru Isekai Harem Kaitо̄-dan (With This Error Skill, This Otherworldly Harem Phantom Thief Team Will Be Unrivaled) in the magazine's next issue on June 9.

The magazine describes the manga as an isekai (alternate-world) harem phantom-thief fantasy in which the protagonist steals a treasure with girls he met in another world. The manga will have opening color pages.

Kiso launched The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm! spinoff manga in Hakusensha's Young Animal Arashi magazine in February 2014, and ended it in May 2016. Hakusensha published the fifth and final compiled volume in August 2016. Seven Seas Entertainment released the manga in English.

Sources: Monthly Dragon Age June issue and website

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