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Dōkyūsei Visual Novel Remake's English, Chinese Release Slated for March 11

posted on by Adriana Hazra
Shiravune streams opening video featuring Marie's song "Hitonatsu Memory"

Tokyo-based visual novel localization company Shiravune announced on Friday that it will release Dōkyūsei: Banhin' Summer, the remake of Elf's Dōkyūsei (Classmates) dating sim game, in English and Chinese on March 11. The company streamed the visual novel's opening video.

Marie performed the opening theme titled "Hitonatsu Memory." The game will launch for PC via Steam in an all-ages version, and on PC via Johren in an adult-only version.

Fanza Games' DiGiNation brand developed the remake, which released on PC in Japan in Febraury 2021. Shiravune describes the game's story:

The sun may be hot. The babes are hotter! You've worked half the summer and it's time to cash out--splash out all that hard-earned pocket change chasing tail. But time waits for no man and summer never lasts, so you'd better be quick about it.
Be at the right place at just the right moment and who knows what kind of cutie will happen your way. It's up to you to flirt your way through town, learning about each girl's hopes, dreams, and secrets, and maybe--just maybe--take a chance on true love.
The 2021 remake of this timeless piece of 90s nostalgia is back again, ready to conquer new hearts around the world!

Elf released the the original game in 1992, followed by a Dōkyūsei 2 sequel in 1995, followed by the Kakyūsei game in 1996, and the Kakyūsei 2 game in 2004. Like other dating sims, the games present a variety of girls that the playable main character can romance, primarily by going on activities with the girl in specific times that the player must learn through interacting with the girls.

The remake is based on a Windows re-release in 1999.

The games all inspired both adult and all-ages OVAs and television anime adaptations. The first game inspired the End of Summer four-episode OVA in 1994 and the adult Dōkyūsei: Climax OVA in 1995. Dōkyūsei 2 inspired a 12-episode adult OVA 1996 (this was also aired on TV in Japan with the adult scenes removed), and the Dōkyūsei 2 Special: Sotsugyōsei OVA in 1999. Kakyūsei inspired the Elf ban Kakyūsei (literally "Elf-version Kakyūsei," the title distinguishes the anime from the similarly titled but unrelated OVA by Pink Pineapple) four-episode OVA in 1997 (only the last episode has adult content), and an all-ages TV anime in 1999. Kakyūsei 2 inspired an all-ages TV anime in 2004, the adult Kakyūsei 2: Anthology OVA in 2006, and the adult Kakyūsei 2: Sketchbook OVA in 2007.

The series is not to be confused with Asumiko Nakamura's similarly-titled Dōkyūsei boys-love manga or the manga's 2016 anime film adaptation.

Source: Press release

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