Mangagamer Unveils New Releases and New Projects at Anime NYC

November 16th, 2019--MangaGamer and Lupiesoft Release Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1!

As autumn sets in, the days grow darker, setting the perfect stage for Lupiesoft's latest release, Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1!

In a world split between eternal day and eternal night, the naive but energetic Seriva sets out on a journey of adulthood in the tradition of her people, venturing to the land of eternal night in the hopes of new discoveries.

Yet what she finds is a realm dominated by a social hierarchy born from biological necessity. In this vastly different culture of elves living in a sunless land, the rulers are all 'fiore', the hermaphroditic sires of their people. Yet it would seem Seriva has arrived at a tumultuous time - rumor has it the acting Queen will soon abdicate her throne to one of the four fiore princesses. When her chance encounter with the bastard princess, Mercilla, lands her quarters within the palace, she finds herself forced to choose between remaining a spectator to the political machinations, or getting more involved for the sake of Mercilla, who struggles with the weight of an impending crown she never wanted.

Dizzy Hearts is the biggest and most ambitious project in Lupiesoft's history as a developer. While the title will be released in three chapters, the first of which will be available on December 5th, fans can now pre-order the first chapter today on MangaGamer, and check out the demo on both MangaGamer and Steam.

Now, as the holiday season approaches, there is also joy and cheer spreading through the air, which makes this the perfect time for a brighter tale! After being banned on Steam but accepted on GoG, MangaGamer is now releasing a physical edition of A Kiss for the Petals: Maidens of Michael!

This new, deluxe release will also include A Kiss for the Petals: Remember How We Met, putting the entire story of Risa and Miya's relationship together in one convenient bundle!

While currently available for pre-order, this set will begin shipping on November 22nd, so it's the perfect time to order a copy for yourself or to gift to that special someone.

Though speaking of special someones, the holidays are often a time to celebrate and share happiness with loved ones.

But what is happiness, truly?

That is the key question and theme behind Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel, OVERDRIVE's unprecedented title that eschews typical archetypes to deliver a deep, heart-wrenching tale of love and happiness with a realistic bite!

In this cold, cruel world where happiness is finite, and the pursuit is fraught with pain and suffering, what does it really mean to be happy? Love? The absence of pain?

If you were gifted with the ability to revive fading loves, would you choose to do so? Would you let them all play out? Would you try reviving all of them? Or would you pick and choose, deciding which love, which happiness was worth trying to save? What about your own?

Available for pre-order now from MangaGamer, this highly emotional tale of love, pain, and the complexity of human relationships will be coming to MangaGamer and Steam this winter on December 19th. Fans will also be able to order a deluxe edition that includes the game's OST and vocal albums from the in-game band!

Lastly, but not least, MangaGamer is happy to announce something new for the holidays as well!

To commemorate the release of Bokuten, MangaGamer will be releasing OVERDRIVE's big OVA, Kick Start Generation!

This live rock-concert OVA features songs from Kira Kira (featuring vocals from AiRI), DEARDROPS (featuring vocals from Kano Yui), as well as Bokuten, all with amazing animation created by SILVER LINK!

In true live concert fashion, MangaGamer will be hosting the premier of Kick Start Generation as a Live Youtube event on their Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy together!

Thereafter, the video will be made available on MangaGamer and Steam along with the OVA's OST.

More details on the live streaming event will be available through MangaGamer on their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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