Eden's Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy Coming to Steam July 31

TOKYO, JAPAN – July 16, 2020

Eden's Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy, an adults-only, dark and dirty fantasy visual novel developed by Waffle and localized by ShiraVN, will be coming to Steam in English on July 31, 2020.

Follow Princess Cecily and her lady knight Noein through their desperate struggle to protect their holy kingdom from lecherous demons—whatever the physical cost to themselves.


The kingdom of Ellerald, where stretch the roots of sacred Sephirot, is under attack by monsters that ravage the land and its people. The royal priestess Cecily sustains the hearts of the populace through her kindness and piety, while the well-endowed warrior Noein and her soldiers keep the beasts at bay.
The enemy Lustfiends seem as dumb as they are vile, so their pincer assault comes as a shock. When the city's remaining defenses prove too meager, only Princess Cecily can save the kingdom... but how can this sheltered damsel fend off nightmarish waves of sex-craved creatures when she can't lift a sword to save her life?
Cecily harnesses the power of Eden to becoming the titular (and titillating) divine warrior, Eden's Ritter Lucifel! With powerful forbidden magics, she becomes a one-woman army—a guardian angel to her people.
But these powers come at a cost, for the longer she uses them, the more unbearable the aching of her body becomes. Each battle is a race against the clock, pushing Cecily to her limits as she strives to overcome her adversaries before her own sexual urges overcome her! It's up to you to help Cecily make the right choices in battle and lead her to victory, for should she fail to do so, her enemies will take advantage of her compromised state to bring her journey to a bad ending.
Boasting an engaging, erotic narrative and two extra side stories, Eden's Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy will be ready for you to sink your teeth into on July 31, 2020! Wishlist now, and be sure to get in quick for a limited-time launch discount!

About ShiraVN
ShiraVN is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team whose previous work includes the samurai detective game Master Magistrate, as well as PC publishing for the Utawarerumono series and Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Follow @shira_vn on Twitter for the latest announcements.

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