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Survival Quiz City Brings Quick Thinking, Reflexes to Tokyo Game Show

TOKYO – September 16, 2021 – Survival Quiz City, the multiplayer survival quiz action game from developer BANDAI NAMCO Studios and publisher Phoenixx, sets the stage for two new betas introducing the new custom match feature, as revealed during BitSummit 2021. The first closed session takes place during Tokyo Game Show Wednesday, Sept. 29 to Saturday, Oct. 2, followed by an open beta Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17.

Contestants can create their own rule sets in the Tokyo Game Show betas, choosing to play Survival modes where competitors try to make it through quizzes and obstacle courses to advance, or Bounty Hunter matches where nobody is eliminated, but the wealthiest contender after the end of all the rounds takes home the crown.

Selected media and content creator partners will grant access to the closed beta, with servers live from 5pm to 8pm PDT on Wednesday, Sept. 29, 9am to 12pm PDT Thursday, Sept. 30, 5-8pm PDT Friday, Oct. 1, and 9am-12pm PDT Saturday, Oct. 2. Those who miss out on the closed beta won't have to navigate an obstacle course to get hands-on, as the Saturday, Oct. 16 playtest is open to all who register on Steam, with servers live 4am-7am PDT, 1pm-4pm PDT, and 8pm-11pm PDT.

Survival Quiz City is the future's most popular game show, where 30 contestants line up to get a crack at answering trivia questions on the big screen. The answer to each multiple choice question has limited space. Losers are shot down into an obstacle course filled with hazards and face the added challenge of the winners equipped with toy guns and other armaments, to blast their unlucky cohorts.

Making it to the end of the dangerous arena isn't the only goal for the losers of the round. To keep things competitive, losers collect coins throughout the course. Winners can also earn currency by getting shots off on losers navigating the obstacle course. Coins can be spent between each match on cosmetic items like polka-dot skins and watches or enhancing skills like speed and stamina.

“Survival Quiz City's betas have been tremendous for improving the game so far, and we're excited to get feedback from our next two betas,” said Yusuke Shigeta, Survival Quiz City Director and BANDAI NAMCO Studios. “We look forward to working with our contestant community to make this game the best it can be with your feedback!”

Survival Quiz City's closed beta takes place Wednesday, Sept. 29 to Saturday, Oct. 2, and next open beta Saturday, Oct. 16 to Saturday, Oct. 17 on Steam for Windows PC.

For more information, visit the Survival Quiz City Steam page, the Phoenixx official website, Facebook page and follow @Phoenixx_inc on Twitter.

About Phoenixx

Established in 2019 by industry veterans, Phoenixx aims to support innovative and creative developers from Japan and around the world. Its mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one creator, one game, and one community a time.

To learn more, visit the Phoenixx official website, Phoenixx Facebook page, and follow @Phoenixx_inc on Twitter.

About BANDAI NAMCO Studios

BANDAI NAMCO Studios was established in 2012 as a spin-off from Bandai Namco Games Inc. (currently Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.) and is engaged in the planning, development, and operation of video games, mobile content, and PC content. In addition, they have established local subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia, and are working to train creators and build a development system that can be used globally.

To learn more, visit the BANDAI NAMCO Studios official website, BANDAI NAMCO Studios Facebook page, and follow @BNStudios_info on Twitter.

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