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The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2
Episode 6

by MrAJCosplay,

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The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! (TV 2) ?
Community score: 4.0

I'm just gonna say this now, the minute those demons were running in fear about some human killing them, I knew it had to be the store owner. I don't just say that because she's literally the only other new human introduced in the show, but I also say that because it inadvertently also makes me even more curious about the landlord that sent our team to this beach in the first place. I'm saying this now, she knows something and she's probably gonna be the final boss at the end of the show mark my words. I'm only half kidding of course but this episode just basically opens up a whole can of worms with question after question while simultaneously dumping a load of information on us that you could argue we should've known a lot sooner.

It's nice remembering that old man Olba was a thing that happened in season one as sort of a recurring side villain and I say that because the guy barely had any presence. The fact that he keeps getting brought up as a sort of red herring while foreshadowing the fact that we definitely haven't seen the last of him was smart. Considering all the behind-the-scenes dealings he's implied to have been working on regarding the church and the angels, it's good world building and I do you think this show is excelling at building on very simple events. It's a shame though that all of the speculation gets dumped on us back to back while also introducing a completely new character that has an established history with a lot of our main players. I'm curious if this is a new introduction to the main cast or a throwaway character that's meant to act as a break in status quo for whatever this arc is supposed to be about. Still it was a bit hard to appreciate the character outside of his cute little chicken form because he's low on magic but I'm curious to see more of him considering his relationship in Maou's demon army. I'm also curious how his little sounds are going to be handled in the dub which I do recommend if it's worth anything. Definitely not the most graceful episode we've had but still one that has me interested in the stuff that is talked about and I look forward to seeing how our crew handles this new situation.


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