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During the First Half of Episode 5, the Drifting Scene Shouko made with Angela is very similar to the one used by Takumi Fujiwara from Shuichi Shigeno's Manga "Initial D".

During Episode 7, after the prison explodes, the song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith can be heard. Also the same walk Kanon, Jill and Shouko after they got out from the burning prison derbits is reminiscent to the 1998 American movie "Armageddon".

During the end of Throbbing Fireworks Yay!, the song Show Me by Yukari Morikawa is played in the background.

During the second half of the 16th Episode, after Sapphie's dialogue a timer appears in the bottom right on the screen, referencing the American TV series "24". Also the music when Ruby and her friends were being chased by a boulder is a spoof of the Theme Music of the Movie "Indiana Jones".

During the 25th Episode, The song "A Hard Days Night" by The Beatles is played during the date scene with Garnet and Dian. Also, Irene Cara's song, "Flashdance... What a Feeling" was played during Garnet's dance scene. She even did the same dance as Irene did in the original PV of the song.

There's a bit of a parody from "Gintama" in the second half of episode 38. This is similar to the anime's 252nd episode and it's ended in the same way.

Episode 34 is about the Umegumi making a musical similar to "West Side Story". Additionally, in one scene, Ruby and co. come out in French Revolution-style clothing, with Ruby looking like Oscar from "Rose of Versailles". Jasper also comes out of nowhere dressed more-or-less like "Spider Man" and shooting web out of his paws.

The second half of episode 15, has the classic "kimodameshi episode", but here with some references from Japanese horror movies.

Iruka coincidentally share his name with Iruka from "Naruto", and they are both Sensei.

In the first half of the episode 3, a short second shows Garnet performing with the Superman's suit.

The second half of episode 24, is entire a Yaginuma's live action, the end of the episode, is a classic shout-out from "Heidi, Girl of the Alps".

The episode 39 start with a bit of "Easy Rider-style", precisely, during the beginning, the song "Born to be wild" by Steppenwolf can be heard, while Labra is running with the Angela-bike. This is a clear reference of the original PV from the movie, the american candy instead could be a tribute to "Akira".

The teacher of Rose Class is named Jill Konia, that is a pun of "Zirconia", a type of crystalline oxide.

The scene in CGI of moto GP race, viewed in the episode 42, seem to be borrowed from the anime "Blassreiter".

In the 6th episode, when Iruka said to have approached the giant squid in the Indian Ocean, it seems that he wears a moving hat that looks similar to that one of Ika Musume from "Shinryaku! Ika Musume".

The battle scene between Hinata and headmaster Dragon, seen in the 50th episode, is a recall to "Ultraman".

The European dubs have replaced the title of episode 30-A calling it "All The Teacher Iruka's Men", that is seen as a reference to "All the President's Men".

The episode 16 part B, is itself a reference to both "Cat's eye" and "Lupin III". In addition, the spoof theme from the "Mission impossible" movie, plays during the beginning of their mission.

Kameo and Fukaet couple from the Summer Arc. is obviously a shout out to "Romeo and Juliet".

In episode 1 part B, Kanon and her lackeys wear a suit similar to that of Kisugi sisters from "Cat's Eye".

In episode 6, how Iruka imagines Rald, is based to the Noroi's character from the Atsuo Saitoh's anime "Adventures of Gamba".

A shout-out from "School Days" framing shady was used in episode 6, when Ruby found the lost classmate inside Rald's belly. This is similar to Kotonoha Katsura's scene.

In episode 7, while Ruby is sleeping, on her there is a manga that depicts Akari and Yuuma from the previous series Tinkle.

In episode 9, is seen a vending machine where in the bottom part of this, there is an inscription that is a reminescence of the drink "Pepsi".

In episode 19, Shouko imagines to fight against Davy Jones from "Pirate of the Caribbean", she also wears a pirate costume that look like inspired to that one of Jack Sparrow from the movie.

A parody of "Indiana Jones" was used in episode 19, when Hinata and the jewelpets are being chased by a boulder.

In episode 21, the pink logo at 12:00, refers to the famous Japanese multinational video game developer "SEGA", however, it has been modified with the pink inscription logo "SIGA"

In episode 25, the sketch at 12:45, show a picture of the Jewelpets running on the road, that is obviously a reference from the picture of "The Beatles".

In episode 29-A, Shouko and Waniyama's fight is a homage to Saint Seiya; namely, the starry background and Waniyama's punch being inspired by Dragon Shiryu's Rozan Sho Ryu Ha technique.

The M-Kage arc, in episode 31, borrows very heavily from "Batman", from M-Kage's costume to Nyanjelina's role. The town it's set in is drawn in an obviously American comic book style.

A parody of "Ashita no Joe" can be seen in episode 33, where Kanon burns out like in Joe's iconic death scene, with the addition of the anime's theme.

In episode 37 (second part), Ruby itself wears two red boxing gloves while the spoof theme "Gonna Fly Now" from the 1982's movie "Rocky" is playing.

In episode 38-A, Akari's room, from Tinkle, is shown when Ruby and Sakuran are delivering presents.

In episode 40, Hinata and Nejikawa pulled out a reference of an oil for motors "Mobil 1", with Hinata strucking with a banana, a nail stuck in a tree and the oil release from Nejikawa's ear.

In episode 40, Peridot rise to the top, is a reference to Hiromi Oka's jump from the manga "Aim For the Ace", while his moves style during the training is a reminiscent of the movie "karate kid". Its fight against the dark magic is a reminiscence of the Miyazaki's movie "Nausicaa".

In episode 42, the Shouko's team, named "Sunshine", is next to a team named "Tinkle". This is clearly a reference from the previous series.

In episode 46, can be seen both Labra and Angela performing an attack similar to Warsman's from Weekly Shōnen Jump manga "Kinnikuman".

Sapphie's rocket in episode 47 is number thirteen and breaks down in space, referencing to the movie "Apollo 13". Sapphie's episodes also seem to have a lot of "2001: A Space Odyssey" references, particularly in the field of music.

In Episode 50, During Labra and Master's battle scene, Labra performed an attack similar to Kenshiro's "Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken" from Hokuto no Ken (Or Fist of the North Star in the States). Even the opening theme "Ai wo Torimodose!!" from the anime is played in the fight scene.

How both Garnet and Sapphie are defeated in episode 50 is nearly identical to how Kakyoin is defeated in the Stardust Crusaders arc of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".

One of the scenes in the fake preview in episode 51, is itself a reference to both "Macross Frontier" and "Mobile Suit Gundam".

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