Cal Animage

Cal Animage is a loosely organized association of International Anime clubs. The founding chapter, Cal Animage Alpha (CAA), was founded in 1989 by Mike Tatsugawa, George Herbert, Albert Wang and Mike Ellis as the anime club of University of Califonia at Berkley's (UC Berkley) anime club. Tatsugawa was the founding president. CAA is one of the oldest anime clubs in North America, and claims to have at one point been the largest anime club in the world outside of Japan.

Cal Animage clubs are usually designated by a Greek letter following Cal Animage, ie: Cal Anime Alpha, Cal Animage Beta, etc...

To celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2004, CAA organized its own one-day anime convention on UC Berkeley Campus, Anime Destiny. Following its initial success, it was held again in 2005 but has not been held again since.

The first additional chapters, Cal Animage Beta and Cal Animage Gamma were founded in April 1990 at UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara respectively. Other chapters followed over the years, some only lasting for as little as one school term.

Cal-Animage Chapters

Cal-Animage Alpha (UC Berkeley, January 1989)
Cal Animage Beta (UC San Diego, April 1990)
Cal Animage Gamma (UC Santa Barbara, April 1990)
Cal Animage Delta (San Francisco, August 1991-May 1992) (Inactive)
Cal Animage Epsilon (UC Irvine, October 1990)
Cal Animage Zeta (Perth, Australia, August 1991)
Cal Animage Eta (UCLA, October 1991)
Cal Animage Theta (Stanford, January 1992)
Cal Animage Iota (Cal Poly SLO, January 1992)
Cal Animage Kappa (UC Santa Cruz, January 1993-May 1993)
Cal Animage Lambda (North Dakota State University, January 1992) (Inactive)
Cal Animage Mu (USC, April 1993)
Cal Animage Nu (Western Washington University, February 1993)
Cal Animage Xi (Chabot College, January 1993-May 1994) (Inactive)
Cal Animage Omicron (Evergreen State College, Olympia WA, January 1997)

In 1991 Cal Animage co-sponsored AnimeCon '91, and then in 1992 they co-sponsored the first Anime Expo.

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