Nurse Witch Komugi - Complete Collection (DVD)

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Title: Nurse Witch Komugi - Complete Collection
Volume: DVD
Running time: 120
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2008-12-30
Suggested retail price: $34.98
Age rating: TV-PG

SKU: DNW-100
UPC: 702727183225 702727183225

Komugi is a cosplay idol. She’s not really much of one, but she does her best. But peril lurks here on Earth. If something isn’t done pretty soon, Angrar will infect the whole world with viruses, using Komugi’s best friend, Koyori, as a virus purveyor. The Goddess of the Vaccine World, Maya, has sent help to rid the world of this plague. Her helper, Mugimaru, has asked Komugi to be the defender of Earth and help him irradicate all the viruses that Angrar plagues the world with. Komugi, now empowered with magical Nurse Witch skills, has her work cut out for her. Between doing her cosplay jobs, fighting disease …and dealing with all the …wierdness, it’s not going to be easy. Let’s hope Komugi wins the fight to make Earth a safer place to live!

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