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Heterogenia Linguistico (GN 2)

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Title: Heterogenia Linguistico
Volume: GN 2
Pages: 192
Distributor: Yen On

Release date: 2021-01-19
Suggested retail price: $15
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1975318099 1975318099
ISBN-13: 9781975318093 9781975318093

Hakaba’s diverse traveling party, made up of half-werewolf Susuki and lizardfolk siblings Kashuu and Kekuu, welcomes its newest member, the minotaur Moo. Struggling to communicate through a series of wild gestures, guttural grunts, and the gnashing of teeth, Moo eventually gets his point across in Old Werewolf—a language that is new to the linguist at large! Discovering the varied ways Netherworlders communicate grants Hakaba fresh insights into how different species think and interact. And,
unbeknownst to him, his human tendencies are being scrutinized just as closely?!

(added on 2021-10-03, modified on 2021-10-03)

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