Kick-Heart Backer Dub Cast Winners Announced

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Winners to play characters in secondary dub track in Masaaki Yuasa's crowd-funded anime

The official website for Production I.G. and Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart anime announced the winners of its backer dub casting auditions.

Contributors to the Kickstarter campaign could download an audition clip for characters Maskman M, Lady S, The Sister, The Parrot, or The Boss and dub it over for a chance to win a spot on the secondary dub audio track.

The announced winners are:

Niel R. Sumter as Masked Man M

Natalie Hoover as Lady S

Joanna Thornton as The Sister

Patrick M Seymour as The Parrot

Edwyn Tiong as The Boss

Other finalists David S. Hsu, Frank Howley, and Justin Mattingly will also be recording additional roles in the film. Winners of the auditions will record the backer dub track with producer Richard Epcar, who is also voicing the professional dub track, and meet director Masaaki Yuasa.

The program's page describes the story:

Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?

Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Takako Honda will lead the Japanese voice cast. Kick-Heart reached its main Kickstarter fundraiser goal in October, and subsequent "stretch goals" have extended the anime from 10 to 12 minutes.

Winners name corrected, thanks Sakuya

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